Bitcoin Casinos – UK Casino Sites Accepting Bitcoin 2024

As cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity, so too has the number of casinos that accept it. So if you are looking for a new bitcoin casino, look no further. We’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our complete list of UK Bitcoin casinos below.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin. It’s a new type of currency based on a decentralised technology we call blockchain. Long story short, blockchain (and the decentralised ledger) made Bitcoin as valid as any other currency.

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What makes Bitcoin different is the absence of a centralised body that governs it. It’s completely decentralised and peer-to-peer.

Want to know what’s the best part?

With Bitcoin casinos, transactions are fast, reliable, and secure. They’re also anonymous.

If only there were a regulated industry that could use such an efficient payment method to expand its scope and improve its products and services…

Enter online gambling.

As soon as BTC appeared, online casino operators started exploring all the possible ways to incorporate this payment method. The results were amazing.

Nowadays, Bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) is an integral part of many casinos on the web. If you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to use BTC on some platforms, and this article will guide you through the entire process and tell you all you need to know about Bitcoin as a payment method.

Read on!

Why Use Bitcoin in Online Casinos in the UK?

Why Use Bitcoin in Online Casinos in the UK?

Being a decentralised type of currency, Bitcoin proved useful for many casinos, including the ones in the UK. That’s because there is no central body acting as an intermediary when making a transaction.

For example, if you make a transfer using a credit card, it will withdraw money from your bank account, and the bank and your card operator (Visa, Mastercard, or similar) will take part in the process. 

That’s not the case with Bitcoin. All transactions are between you and the casino of your choice.

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But that’s just one of the advantages. In this part, we’ll discuss all the pros of using BTC as a payment method in the UK’s online casinos. Here’s a short overview:

  • No intermediaries
  • Low fees
  • Fast
  • Anonymous
  • Great limits 

Let’s discuss each of these advantages in detail.

There Are No Intermediaries When Making Bitcoin Transactions

Intermediaries are central bodies, such as banks, that make your transactions happen. These can also be e-wallets if you decide to use methods such as PayPal, Neteller, and similar services.

We already mentioned that the P2P nature of Bitcoin excludes all in-betweeners.

In other words, a sender uses a cutting-edge protocol to send BTC directly to a recipient. In the case of online casino deposits, you’re the one who sends money using a Bitcoin wallet, and the casino is the one receiving it. 

The underlying technology that Bitcoin is based on will do its part to confirm the transaction.

Don’t worry — we’ll explain how deposits and withdrawals work further in the text.

But why not having an intermediary is a good thing, you might wonder.

Well, it speeds up transactions, makes them more affordable, and removes limits imposed by these mediators. Moreover, you don’t have to provide additional information about yourself, which makes these BTC transactions pretty anonymous.

As a matter of fact, this cryptocurrency’s decentralised nature is the basis of all its advantages, some of which will be discussed below.

Bitcoin Casino Transactions Aren’t Costly

Bitcoin fees aren’t fixed. 

They increase and decrease depending on many factors, but the amount you’re sending is not one of them. The most common factors are the network condition and your transaction’s data size.

However, compared to many traditional payment methods, Bitcoin’s average fee has been much lower, especially if you make cross-border transactions.

The conducted study showed that the average fee for sending $1,000 via a bank from the US to Hong Kong is $43 in transaction fees. However, the same transfer in Bitcoin was charged only $0.06. So apply these same kinds of fees to your deposits in bitcoin casinos and you’ll begin to understand the savings!

Bitcoin Is Faster Than Many Payment Methods

Let’s get one thing out of the way.

Bitcoin is not the fastest payment method. Some other options, such as altcoins (other cryptocurrencies), are usually faster. Moreover, some methods that are using fiat currencies are also faster than BTC.

Still, compared to bank wire transfers, checks, and other traditional payment systems, Bitcoin is way ahead. The average transaction time (aka median confirmation time) for BTC may vary depending on the traffic, but it’s usually less than 20 minutes.

Why would we put speed as an advantage for Bitcoin if there are faster options?

Because BTC offers the whole package. 

Let us explain.

Many other cryptocurrencies are much faster, but they aren’t as widespread as BTC. You won’t find many casinos accepting Ripple or Stellar Lumens (two very fast options). On the other hand, there are plenty of great BTC casinos.

Credit cards are faster, but their deposit and withdrawal limits aren’t as great as those of Bitcoin, and e-wallets are much more expensive than BTC.

When you take every other advantage into account, waiting several minutes for your transaction to be completed isn’t that bad.

Bitcoin Is Anonymous

A number of UK players are moving toward BTC for the simple fact that bitcoin casinos offer a bit more privacy. As previously mentioned, there’s no need to open an official account when using a cryptocurrency wallet.

A wallet uses a public and a private key, and you should remember the latter to access your BTC balance and make payments. The former is given to others who want to send Bitcoin to your wallet (when withdrawing from online casinos, for example).

The point is that you don’t have to give your email, name, phone number, or anything else when making transactions in BTC.

Bitcoin Offers Great Limits

You can send and receive a lot of money using BTC. That’s not possible with other payment methods, as their respective governing bodies heavily regulate them.

Therefore, maximum deposit and withdrawal limits in online casinos are much lower than when using cards, e-wallets, and other methods.

But that doesn’t mean there are no limits at all.

Casinos still need to impose their limits, as they are regulated and must follow certain rules imposed by the gambling commission that provided the licence.

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Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Playing games in online casinos that accept Bitcoin payments also comes with a couple of advantages that should make your online gaming experience smoother. Here they are:

Transparency — Some people don’t trust online casinos, as they sometimes tend to conceal things and rig games to gain a bigger edge over players. 

Moreover, the information about many payment methods and their casino transactions are kept a secret, which is not possible with Bitcoin. 

BTC stores all transaction information on a decentralised public ledger.

Security — The sheer fact that you don’t have to give your sensitive data when registering a wallet adds a thick layer of security when making BTC deposits. 

All the BTC transactions are encrypted (hence the name cryptocurrency). That, combined with blockchain technology, makes them immune to cyberattacks.

Convenience — Bitcoin transactions know no boundaries. You can send them to anyone on the planet in just a couple of clicks, thanks to the easy system that requires you to input only your recipient’s wallet address.

BTC is particularly convenient for online casinos, as they have much better limits and are faster than many payment methods.

Probably fair — The ‘provably fair’ concept is actually closely related to Bitcoin casinos. Namely, casinos accepting gambling with Bitcoin usually allow players to verify the bets they make to ensure they’re not cheated on.

Truth be told, you need some technical knowledge to get the most out of provably fair casinos. Still, you can always ask someone who’s been in the business for a long time to help you out.

Bonuses — Online casinos that offer BTC as a deposit or withdrawal method usually have pretty lucrative bonuses. Some of them have a goal to attract more Bitcoin gamblers, offering them additional promotions that can be triggered only if you deposit in ‘digital gold’.

That’s definitely something to take into account when choosing a Bitcoin casino. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Casinos

However convenient, Bitcoin casinos are not perfect.

Many online gamblers don’t prefer using BTC or any other cryptocurrency for the following reasons:

Let’s discuss the disadvantages a bit.

Volatility – When you take a look at the value of Bitcoin, you’ll see it’s always changing. For example, the price of a single BTC unit was just $0.003 in March 2010. In December 2017, it peaked at $19,497.36.

In March 2020, the price was approximately $4,900 per unit, but it increased to $12,200 in August of the same year.

The point is — the price changes a lot. Many things make BTC (and other cryptocurrencies) volatile, including hype, the state of the global economy, trends, the lack of centralized authority, and more.

The only thing you need to take into account is that volatility could be a double-edged sword. Depending on the current Bitcoin value, depositing a £1,000 worth of BTC and withdrawing the same amount after some time could result in receiving more or less money.

It’s an additional gamble you should be willing to make when playing in Bitcoin casinos.

Not accepted by many casinos — Even though Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency globally, it is still not as popular as fiat payment methods. 

The number of casinos that accept e-wallets and credit cards far surpasses those that accept Bitcoin, despite a general tendency among online gambling platforms to introduce BTC.

What we’re trying to say is that Bitcoin is on a good road towards mass adoption and there is an increasing number of crypto casinos, but it’s still not there, meaning not every casino you choose will offer it as a payment option.

Many new players are afraid to switch to Bitcoin — It’s okay if you don’t understand how BTC and other cryptocurrencies work. After all, we don’t fully understand how fiat funds work and how central banks regulate it, but we still use it.

Moreover, it’s in human nature to be afraid of the new things we don’t understand.

The concept of Bitcoin gambling itself could seem pretty scary to some online casino players, especially if they’re new to the industry and not tech-savvy enough to grasp the basic concepts about Bitcoin and blockchain.

So, what’s the antidote for this?

Time. It takes time to accept new things, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll get the most out of casinos that accept Bitcoin or not.

Bitcoin is new – We’ve basically said it all in the previous paragraphs. BTC is new and needs more time before all casinos and gamblers start to accept it as a default payment method.

However, the cryptocurrency is useful and solves many challenges imposed by traditional payment options. Therefore, we’re pretty hopeful about seeing more Bitcoin casinos in the future.

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Bitcoin Bonus Offers

There are plenty of Bitcoin casinos that aim to attract more players who’ll deposit using the popular cryptocurrency. With the landscape getting more competitive than ever, online casinos had to increase their welcome bonuses to stay in the race.

You can either receive bonus money of free spins in popular Bitcoin casinos. Some of them even feature no deposit bonuses that can award small prizes just for joining the site — you don’t even have to make your first deposit. These bonuses could be a couple of dollars or free spins.

However, when you make your first deposit using Bitcoin, you’ll be able to receive more bonus money and free spins. In fact, some of the best Bitcoin casinos can even award you more than 100 free spins for some games.

As a Bitcoin user, you’re the one who’s going to profit the most. Therefore, we’ve made a list of the best Bitcoin casinos with the most lucrative bonuses.

Let’s check them out. 

Gambling With Cryptocurrency — the Basics

Gambling With Cryptocurrency — the Basics

If you have decided to open an account in a Bitcoin casino, you should learn some of the basics about Bitcoin gambling. To be precise, you should learn to make deposits and withdrawals with this payment method. 

How to Make a Deposit?

Depositing in Bitcoin casinos is a pretty straightforward process. However, it may take a few extra steps, depending on whether you already own Bitcoin or not.

We’ll assume that you’re on this page with no BTC at all, so we’ll explain the whole process that starts with obtaining the popular cryptocurrency and ends with gambling with Bitcoin.

  • Get a Bitcoin wallet — Every cryptocurrency needs to be kept somewhere. Just as we use our leather wallets to store paper funds, we need digital wallets for digital currencies. There are plenty of free software wallets for desktop and mobile devices, so make sure to choose the one that you like the most and receive your public and private key. You shouldn’t share your private key with anyone, as it’s used for accessing your wallet.
  • Get Bitcoin — You can visit an online cryptocurrency exchange to purchase BTC for real money. Alternatively, you can ask someone (an employer, a client, or a friend) to send them to you by giving them your public wallet address.
  • Choose a Bitcoin casino — Take a good look at the list of Bitcoin casinos featured on this page, and select the one that meets your needs. A word of advice: don’t just focus on payment methods. Instead, read our casino reviews to learn more about available casino games, live casino titles, slot games, customer support, mobile platform, and more.
  • Open an account — Opening an account in online casinos is similar to any other online registration procedure. You’ll have to provide your username, email, password, and more.
  • Select Bitcoin as a payment method — Go to the cashier section of the site and select Bitcoin from the available banking options list. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Use your wallet to make a deposit – The Bitcoin casino will generate a random address that you’ll have to paste to your Bitcoin wallet and send the indicated amount of money to it. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code.
  • Enjoy! – Bitcoin deposits are usually marketed as instant, even though you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes before they are processed. As soon as the funds reach your account, you’ll be able to start gambling with Bitcoin.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses. 

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When making a deposit, you’ll be asked to choose your first promotion, which is usually a 100% or 200% deposit bonus awarded on top of your initial deposit.

How to Make a Withdrawal?

Withdrawing your money from a Bitcoin casino is even more straightforward than depositing. 

We’ll assume that you already have a BTC wallet, which means you know your public address (key).

All you have to do to make a successful withdrawal is to enter your wallet address in the cashier section and input the amount you want to withdraw.

But here’s the kicker:

Online casinos rarely offer instant withdrawals. Instead, an operator needs to check your withdrawal request before it can be processed, and that can sometimes take more than a day. 

This is called withdrawal pending time, and it’s pretty standard in the world of online gambling.

Each casino has an average pending time for their withdrawals that can last from a couple of hours to a couple of days. But be sure to check out our list of the best UK instant withdrawal casinos.

The Best UK Casinos That Accept Bitcoin 2024 — Our Picks

Before writing this article, we’ve faced a difficult task — selecting the best Bitcoin casino for UK players. We came up with three results.

Why was that so difficult? 

While there are objective parameters that are used to measure a casino’s overall quality, many players still have personal preferences. Therefore, casinos are chosen according to personal taste.

For example, you might like the bonus offered by an online casino or slots site, but its design might put you off.

Still, we’ve used all our sources to select the three platforms that ranked #1 in our assessment test, and we believe they will appeal to the majority of players who want the best Bitcoin casino.

Let’s take a look at them!

Yako Casino

Yako Casino is owned by L&L Europe Ltd, an award-winning operator that had much success in operating popular online gambling platforms (Best Casino Group by Meister Awards 2018). 

It holds a dual licence — by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

It offers plenty of popular casino games, including slot games, video poker, table games, lottery, and live casino games.

All these titles are developed by industry-leading providers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, IGT, Evolution Gaming, Bally, WMS, Blueprint Gaming, and more.

Yeti Casino

Yeti Casino is another successful online casino whose operator is L&L Europe Ltd. It’s a sister site to Yako Casino and features pretty much the same choice of games and payment methods.

However, the difference between the two is that they have individual skins, and their bonuses and promotions are slightly different. Therefore, feel free to compare the two Bitcoin casinos or read our detailed reviews to find out more.

AHTI Casino

Operated by Skill on Net Ltd, this site also holds a dual licence from the UKGC and the MGA. Moreover, it’s tested for fairness by iTech Labs and holds a certificate from the reputable independent auditor.

AHTI Casino features more than 2,000 titles from the best casino game developers, including Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, NetEnt, BigTime Gaming, IGT, Play’n GO, and more. 

There are plenty of popular video slots, card games, table games, and live dealer games. Moreover, some slots offer huge progressive jackpots, such as Mega Moolah Isis that currently offers £4.8 million (and counting) as a prize.

Live BTC Casinos

There are plenty of great live casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Using BTC will make the entire experience even better if you enjoy playing games with a live dealer on your desktop or mobile device. 

You’ll be able to make quick and easy deposits using your Bitcoin wallet and start playing live casino games for real money in no time.

To save you from searching for the best Bitcoin live casino, we’ve made a short list of the three platforms that passed our test with an average score of 10/10. Let’s see what they offer.

Mobile BTC Casinos

Like it or not, the entire gambling industry is now focused on mobile casinos. However popular, desktop computers are becoming a thing of the past, at least for casino games that are now perfectly optimized for mobile play.

Not many casinos are built exclusively for mobile, though.

Casino operators try to include every device, and that’s why they make their websites responsive, which means they can automatically adjust to small screens. 

Moreover, all popular mobile games have been using HTML5 technology that made them less energy-consuming and perfect for mobile platforms.

Still, some operators did a better job than others, and we selected mobile casinos that we consider the best for users who enjoy gambling Bitcoin. 

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Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin casinos aren’t that different from their non-BTC counterparts in terms of casino games. Anything you can find in an ordinary casino is also available in every Bitcoin casino.

There are three main categories of casino games:

There are of course more, but these are the main three, now lets dive in.

BTC Slots

Slots are the most popular type of games in online casinos, including the ones that accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitcoin casinos offer all kinds of online slots, and there are usually hundreds of titles to choose from. Most of the platforms listed in this article feature games from leading software providers that make new slots all the time.

Bitcoin casino slots come in all shapes and sizes, including 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, slots with custom reels, and more. They have plenty of different payline structures, and some of them are adjustable.

Almost every online slot has bonus features, such as a free spins round that can help you create big wins.

Finally, some slots are a part of a progressive jackpot network. Every time a player makes a bet, a small portion of it is added to the jackpot, and there are numerous players actively wagering on some progressive slots. 

That’s why some slots offer thousands of dollars for lucky players.

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BTC Table Games

Every Bitcoin casino features table games. What are they exactly?

While there’s no consensus at which games are a part of this category, most online casinos list the games that aren’t slots or live dealer games. Video poker is also not listed as a table game in many casinos, even though it belongs to the poker family.

Here’s a list of the most popular table games you can play using Bitcoin:

  • Baccarat — This game is present in almost all Bitcoin caisnos. It’s one of the most popular card games in the world, featuring simple rules and low house edge.
  • Blackjack — Blackjack is popular among people who like games that are a mix of skill and luck. If you use the right strategy, you should lower the house edge to less than 1%. Blackjack is also available in the majority of Bitcoin casinos and comes with plenty of well-known variations, such as pontoon or Spanish 21.
  • Roulette — Roulette is a well-known game that comes in two popular variations — European and American roulette. Both should be available in all online Bitcoin casinos.
  • Craps — Although it may not be available in every best Bitcoin casino, craps is still a pretty popular game that many crypto casino lovers enjoy.
  • Poker — Poker comes in all shapes and sizes in online Bitcoin casinos, including video poker that has been popular in plenty of land-based casinos.

What’s the difference between playing these casino games using Bitcoin and using fiat currencies? 

There aren’t any differences in gameplay. You’ll just enjoy the speed and convenience of Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, and you might get a juicy live casino bonus too!

Live Casino Games

Many online casinos feature a live dealer section. What exactly is a live casino?

At the dawn of the online gambling industry, many online casino operators couldn’t figure out how to solve the lack of social elements on their platforms. Luckily for them, the solution was found with the introduction of live stream technology.

Live casinos feature a real dealer who does the dealing. On the other side of the screen, players use special casino software to place bets and interact with the dealer.

This way, many online casinos solved an important issue that’s been an obstacle for many land-based casino players to go online — lack of trust.

Seeing the ball spinning when playing roulette ensures many players that games are not rigged and goes someway toward the idea of provably fair gambling.

Nowadays, you can also use Bitcoin to play live dealer games, which is even better thanks to the popular cryptocurrency.

BTC Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

Every payment method has limits, including BTC and the UK’s bitcoin casinos.

The good news is that Bitcoin’s limits are much better than with other methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets. 

You can deposit and withdraw much more money using BTC than using any other non-crypto banking option, as the network itself doesn’t have maximum limits. This is another reason many casino players — especially high rollers — love using BTC.

Yet, that sounds too good to be true. That’s because it’s only partially correct.

While you can send and receive as much BTC as you want, Bitcoin casinos are usually the ones to impose limits, as they have to follow some regulations. 

Still, when you examine their paytables, you’ll notice that Bitcoin’s maximum limits are much higher compared to other methods.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin network imposes a minimum limit.

The minimum amount of BTC you can send or receive is 0.00000546 BTC (546 Satoshis), which is currently £0.048.

In other words, the only limit imposed by the Bitcoin network is that you should send more than six cents on average (this may change depending on BTC’s current value, but it will remain below a dollar — even below 10 pennies).

However, casinos usually set their minimum limits to £5–£30 on average so, once again, the network limit can be applied only when you send BTC to a person instead of a casino.

Bitcoin Casino Transaction Fees

Bitcoin charges transaction fees to pay miners that are a part of the network. These miners use their computers as nodes in the blockchain and sustain the network, which is why they should be paid for their services.

As previously stated in this article, fees aren’t fixed and depend on several factors. Nevertheless, they are still much lower than with the majority of the payment methods accepted by online casinos. But be sure to check your chosen bitcoin casino’s terms and conditions carefully before making any sizable deposit.

Is Bitcoin Secure?

One of the greatest things blocking change is ‘fear of the unknown‘ and the relative sluggish adoption of bitcoin casinos by UK players is no different. So it’s important to talk about bitcoin gambling and security. Security plays an essential role in the Bitcoin network, making digital gold one of the most secure payment methods for online casinos.

So, what exactly makes it secure?

  • It’s encrypted
  • It’s public
  • It’s decentralized

It’s encrypted — Bitcoin’s underlying network runs on the blockchain technology that uses nodes (computers devoted to running the network) to encrypt transactions and secure them. 

It’s public — All the information about transactions are stored on the public ledger, even though the information about the people involved in them remain anonymous. There’s no way someone can manipulate the network or cheat it in any way. It’s like many people are checking on every transaction you make, but they don’t actually know it’s you.

It’s decentralized — It’s difficult to hack into the Bitcoin network, as thousands of different computers operate it all over the world. Even if a hacker somehow manages to penetrate one server, there’s nothing they can do, since other nodes would prevent it. The only way to actually impact the network is to control 51% of the nodes, which is virtually impossible in the case of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Deposit Alternatives

Bitcoin Deposit Alternatives

Whilst BTC and more specifically bitcoin gambling is becoming more and more common, particularly among new casinos, you could use some other cryptocurrencies. However, few casinos accept other cryptos and not BTC, so we suggest using e-wallets as the next best thing.

PayPal PayPal is the most popular e-wallet in the world. Founded as Confinity in 1998, the company merged with Elon Musk’s to become a synonym for online payments. Even though fees are much higher than with some other payment methods, PayPal is still the #1 e-wallet.

Skrill — Founded in 2001 as Moneybookers, the company rebranded to Skrill later and became quite popular in the UK. The platform became cryptocurrency-friendly in 2018, which made it stand out from the crowd. 

Neteller Neteller was founded in 1999, and it was the main competitor to Skrill, but Paysafe Group now owns both methods. To date, Neteller has remained a popular e-wallet for online casino deposits and withdrawals. 

The number of casinos that accept Bitcoin are growing every month so be sure to check back often. We also have the latest selections of Casinos offering Bitcoin as a payment method across countries, so make sure to check the top Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand and see the incredible advantages you’ll get from using it as your real money payment option on your favourite casino sites. But if Bitcoin isn’t your thing, check out our list of Casinos that accept Minimum Deposit.


Bitcoin at Online Casinos FAQ’s

Who invented Bitcoin, and when?

Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous person (or a group) whose identity remains unknown to date. And whilst there's been a lot of speculation on the identity of Satoshi, we here at Casino Martini are just grateful for the opportunity that bitcoin casinos offer for low fees, personal privacy and the blockchain.

Is Bitcoin real money?

Yes, it is. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology that gives it some properties of fiat currencies. For example, it’s used as a means of exchange and to store wealth. Moreover, BTC can be used as a unit of account.

How much money is 1 BTC worth?

Bitcoin is volatile, meaning its price often fluctuates. At the moment, a single unit of BTC is worth £8,853.27(WOW, things move quickly - for the latest bitcoin price, you'd better check here), but make sure to check it regularly once you obtain it. You'll make an additional Bitcoin gamble if you make a deposit in a Bitcoin casino without knowing how much it is worth.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There’s no way to narrow down the list of all the available Bitcoin casinos to just one. One man's meat is another man's poison. Some bitcoin casinos have a great selection of progressive slots whilst others focus more on live dealer games and video slots. So we can't really recommend one as 'the best bitcoin casino'. Therefore, we made a list of the best bitcoin casinos and introduced it in this article, so feel free to check them out.