Terms and Conditions

Terms and Definitions

  • Automated data processing– This is the information that is processed by the system while using its software.
  • Website – A website is an arrangement of different animations and graphics combined with specific website code that is portrayed as a website, accessible over the internet.
  • Personal data information system – This is a sophisticated comprehensive system with the capacity to gather, retain and manage individuals data with modern database organisational technology.
  • Anonymization of Personal data – This is a distinctive privacy function that renders identity of individuals involved in the process impossible to distinguish, protecting personal identities.
  • Personal data and Processing – This refers to any form of process and activity that edits, imports, inserts or modifies individuals information and personal data in any aspect. This occurs in any instance that a system gains access to personal data and interacts with it.
  • Personal Data – Individuals unique information that is specific to their profile and identity.
  • User – A specific individual that is accessing a website.
  • Cookies – This is a small amount of online information that is communicated between a user and a website. This piece of data is locally stored on a user’s PC and is often used to connect users to unique offers and experiences across the internet to tailor more relevant information for the user.

Data collection

This is all of the information that we collect in accordance to our privacy policy. This information spans across a range of essential and performance data to optimize the user experience. Device IP address information is collected in conjunction with other relative IP information such as the IP address location. Information about the web browser is collected, such as the type of web browser being used by the user in order to gain access to the website, additionally the language of the web browser operated by the user is acknowledged. Data related to graphics resolution and screen display is noted, as is the geographical time zone that the user is accessing the website from. Data on the users operating system being used on their device when accessing the website is collected, as well as more device information such as the type of device and its make and model. Finally our data collection software will take note of the email addresses that are entered into the website by the user.

Purpose of collecting data

The purpose for which personal data is collected and processed on our site is primarily to provide a unique, tailored experience to the user with customised service that takes into account their personal preferences and habits when accessing the site, so that they may enjoy a more personal and unique experience when accessing the website. Additionally, the site administrator will withhold the right to notify the user in relation to any relevant products and services that may be of interest to the user. This may include a notification about the addition of new events, services and changes made to the website via an email based on the contact information entered. Only subscribed users are subject to receive continued email notifications and users who do not wish to be contacted with personalised updates via email have the option to unsubscribe from this service. The collection of anonymized data of individual users via the website is used to enhance the services offered. The collection of this kind of data allows for the continual optimisation of our content based on the analysis of users information and habits when accessing the website.

How data is stored and how to ask for removal

Basic cookies are essential in order for users to be able to effectively use websites. Cookies are required for important website functionality for users such as the use of personalised website functions like user profiles and logins. An automated message will display upon the launch of the website at which stage users may choose to reject the use of cookies. This may also be achieved or changed via the settings function in the browser however if a user chooses to block cookies, they should be aware that it will affect the website from functioning to its full capacity.

Analytical cookies are another classification of cookies that are aimed to collect useful data on the way in which the user interacts with the website. These cookies allow for the site admin to gain access to information about the user’s preferences when interacting with the website in order to more efficiently create a tailored experience for the user. An example of this would be a cookie taking note of the pages that the user most frequently accesses or spends the most amount of time on. As a result, the site admin may then promote these pages in order to enhance the users browsing experience on the website.

Users can choose to disable cookies entirely from the browsers settings at the risk of affecting the functionality of the website. It is advisable for users to familiarise themselves with the ways in which cookies can assist their experience prior to blocking them entirely, this can be found in the help section of users web browsers.

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