UK Blackjack Strategy 2024
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Ever since the game’s creation, players have been devising methods to try and beat the dealer. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, there are however numerous strategies that can be implemented to lower the house edge to a minimum.

New players can still enjoy blackjack games and expect to wager against the dealer with a house edge of around 2%. This can be easily lowered by simply using a basic strategy that will dictate the best move you can possibly make depending on the cards in play.

If you wish to up your game and win at blackjack more than you ever imagined, continue reading as we dive into the basics and more advanced techniques used by the pros. At Casino Martini, our team of dedicated blackjack experts knows a thing or two about beating the dealer. Playing online blackjack has become a passion for us here, and we have made it our mission to share our knowledge with all our readers.

What is a Blackjack Basic Strategy?

As mentioned, using a correct basic strategy will lower the house edge and ensure you minimize any mistakes within the game. It was devised through calculations considering all cards in play and dictating the best possible move for each scenario.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, as you won’t have to memorize the entire basic strategy chart in one sitting. The beauty of online blackjack games is that there are no eyes on us while we play the game. RNG games can be wagered at your own leisure; taking your time to decide which move will best promote a winning hand. Simply keep the blackjack strategy chart within a new window and flick back and forth for guidance within the game.

It is also vital while using a basic blackjack strategy to adhere to the chart fully. If you try to use your better judgment and deviate from the blackjack strategy, it won’t be completely effective in lowering the house edge.

Why Play with a Strategy?

Besides the entertainment element and the thrill of beating the dealer, our true goal while playing blackjack is to win. While entering a blackjack table, the odds are in the casino’s favor. Like all casino games, this can be costly over the long hall. If there was a procedure that could be implemented to not only minimize the damage on your bankroll but give you enough money to walk away with a profit, would you use it?

The answer to this question is yes, you would, and luckily you can help with ease. Navigate to the top of this page if you haven’t already registered a new account at an online casino. Our team has gathered a list of the best online blackjack casinos in the United Kingdom to aid you in your decision. Compare the casino bonuses, games, and even UX to single out the ultimate site.

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Hit “Grab Bonus” next to the casino of your preference and fill out all essential registration fields to get your account off the ground. Pick a blackjack game and have your basic strategy chart within a new window or even split your screen for easy access.

Revise the following moves in the next section, which will be indicated as letters on the chart.

Basic Online Blackjack Strategy Moves

Check the number of decks before finding a basic strategy image to use; depending on the number of decks, the moves within basic strategies will differ. Here is a breakdown of the moves which will be indicated within each blackjack strategy chart.


The “hit” move within an online blackjack game simply means you wish to obtain an additional card. Players can hit as many times as they wish as long as their hand doesn’t exceed 21 and they bust.


If the basic blackjack strategy indicates you should stand, you don’t need to take any action on your hand. Here you will essentially continue to play your original cards against the dealers if your hand is already strong.


The split move is advised in nearly all cases except as the basic strategy indicates if you hold a pair of 5s in which you should double down against the dealer. Also, in the case of holding double 10s, which is already a strong hand and may risky creating two weaker hands.

Double Down

The double-down move presents players with a great opportunity to double their original bet and receive a single card for the remainder of the game. The basic strategy dictates a player should double down if their total card value amounts to 10 or 11 while the dealer holds an upcard of between 2 and 9.


The final action is the “surrender” move which is only available within blackjack surrender games. Unlike doubling down, where players are able to double their original bet, the surrender move allows punters to forfeit their hand, only losing half of their initial bet amount.

This action is only implementing when there are no achievable means of beating the dealer. It is advised for new players to play blackjack with the surrender move as it gives extra insurance in the event a failing hand is obtained.

Most blackjack games that offer the surrender move allow players to use it before or after the player checks for a natural blackjack. Follow the guidance of the basic blackjack strategy chart while implementing this move within the gambling game.

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Advanced – Card Counting System

Once you have mastered basic strategy in blackjack to play blackjack like a true pro, counting cards is your next protocol. Many players are deterred from becoming a card counter, believing that it is illegal or too difficult to learn. We are here to debunk these myths and teach you how to count cards with ease.

Firstly, counting cards is perfectly legal at online casinos. However, within a brick and mortar casino, you may run into some trouble as they are privately owned, and you may get the boot if you are caught. That being said, there are no laws surrounding card counting; it is merely frowned upon by casinos as they are designed to win.

Also, using high/low card counting systems, players only require to perform simple maths, subtracting and adding the value of one to create a running count. Practicing with a single deck game will be easier as you train your brain to notice and calculate the value of cards. Over time you will be able to quickly calculate the running count within single-deck games before moving on to the classic multi-deck games with larger payouts.

What is Card Counting?

Card counters, as the name would describe, count the value of cards as they flow through the game. Tracking these cards within a blackjack game will then give the player a more informed decision as they know which cards have passed through the game.

The most common card counting strategy within online blackjack is the high/low strategy in which cards are given a value. High cards, which are 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all given a value of -1, while low cards, which are cards 2-6, are given a value of +1. Every other card within the game is allocated a value of zero. If all cards were counted through the game, the end value would be zero, which tells us, depending on the value being positive or negative, how we should bet within the next game.

How to Count Blackjack Cards?

The basic of card counting is to track each card value with either -1, +1, or 0 throughout all blackjack hands within the game. Don’t forget it is also vital to use basic strategy while card counting within a blackjack game.

As each card enters the game, calculate the running count within your head and keep up with this around the table. The same concept will apply within a multi-deck game and a single deck game. Before the next betting round starts, divide the running count by the number of decks within the game. This will then give you the true count, which will determine how you should bet for the next game.

As the true count increase, so should your bet within the blackjack game. Alternatively, if the true count decrease, so should the amount you before the next game continues. To assist you within your betting with the true count, set a betting unit at the start of the game and multiple this by the true count to offer a feasible betting amount.

Blackjack Betting Systems

Another useful method of increasing your earning potential and further excelling your gameplay to a professional blackjack level is the use of betting strategies. While a betting system won’t help you win at blackjack, it will, however, minimize your losses incurred within a blackjack game and maximize profits on winning streaks.

As there are countless betting blackjack strategies to choose from, we advise you to select a betting strategy that suits both your budget and the table limits. It is all well and good choosing the reverse Martingale betting system, for example, and increasing doubling your bet after each win. However, if the table does not allow you to double your stake to your desire point, then you will have to reevaluate your approach.

Below are the three main groups of betting blackjack strategies. We have explained each one to give you a heads up before attempting to implement the first one that pops up in the search engine.

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Positive Progression

Positive betting blackjack strategies indicate blackjack players should increase their stake after each win and decrease it in the event of a loss.

Start with a minimum bet amount within card games and increase it as you manage to obtain a winning streak. To prevent breaking your winning streak and losing all of your built-up profit, set the number of wins in a row to at most 2 or 3 before returning to your minimum bet amount.

Negative Progression

Negative betting systems are considered the best blackjack strategies for beginners who wish to secure back precious losses. Here players are advised to increase their bet after each loss with the hope they will eventually win and retain all previous losses plus gain a small profit. In the case a player wins the blackjack hand, they bank their profit and return to their original betting amount.

Again this is subjective to the blackjack table limit. Make sure you check the limitations within all blackjack variants before separating from your deposited cash.

Flat Betting

Flat betting simply involves keeping your bet amount the same upon every single bet. The idea of this betting system is that over time all losses and wins will level out, ensuring no significant losses are felt due to risky bet amounts.

While focusing on a basic strategy to win at blackjack, this is advised to keep your concentration on the game at hand and not future bet amounts.

Practice on Free Blackjack Games

Whether you are learning basic blackjack strategy, counting cards, or a new betting system wagering on free online blackjack games will guarantee you don’t lose money in practice. Most casinos offer demo modes allowing players to wager without the pressure of losing their own cash.

Alternately players should also make use of casino promotions such as no deposit blackjack bonuses. This will give you all the benefits of playing for free with the added bonus of winning real cash.

Revise sections of this guide when necessary to excel your online gambling to the level of professional players. All that is left to do is pick your favorite online casino, grab a huge bonus, and start winning at this beloved table game… Good luck!

Blackjack Basic Strategy FAQ’s

What is the best blackjack strategy to win big?

There is no "sure-fire" strategy for winnings at blackjack. However, combining both a basic strategy and card counting will certainly give you the best chance at gaining hands over the dealer.

Is basic strategy easy to learn?

The basic strategy in blackjack can be learned by simply practicing the game of blackjack online. Have a basic strategy chart at hand ad over time; you will remember the specific moves depending on the cards in play.

Are online blackjack games fair?

Yes, online casino games use Random Number Generator technology with advanced algorithms that source a random outcome to the game. Furthermore, all online casinos that we present at Casino Martini are licensed and regulated by leading governing bodies such as the UKGC, overlooking all aspects of the gambling operation.

Where can I find the best blackjack sites in [year_1]?

You have found them! Our team has gathered the best online casinos in the United Kingdom after rigorously researching and testing to give an abundance of choices.