UK Best Progressive Blackjack Casinos 2023
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While wagering at the best online blackjack games, why not be in for a chance at winning a huge jackpot? Progressive jackpot games allow exactly that, providing punters with the opportunity to make an additional side bet with the hope they obtain as many Aces within their hand as possible.

At Casino Martini, our ambition is to provide top-quality online casinos while giving our readers essential knowledge which has been accumulated over years of experience. There are a variety of progressive blackjack games to choose from. However, the most popular games are played by attempting to gather as many Aces to receive the biggest cut out of a life-changing jackpot.

With this in mind, we will dive into the famous blackjack progressive side bet while ensuring all gamblers know how to play blackjack online with some useful tips and tricks on the side.

Why Wager at Progressive Jackpot Sites?

If the classic game of blackjack wasn’t already exciting enough, players now have the ability to try their luck within progressive jackpots. Even with the minimum table limit, players can receive astronomical payouts due to the high rates awarded by the online casino.

Along with the ever-growing jackpot, players are attracted to this is popular game due to the low house edge. Implementing a basic strategy within a progressive blackjack game will bring the house edge down to as low as 0.5%.

The beauty of progressive blackjack side bets ensures players have the chance at some massive winnings even if luck wasn’t on their side against the dealer.

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Progressive Blackjack Rules

The rules within a progressive blackjack variant are much the same as the traditional game, with the perk of an optional side bet towards a progressive prize.

We understand many new players starting their gambling journey may not be fully up to speed with the various rules and payouts within a progressive blackjack variation. Considering this, we have created quick and easy explanations to bring any fresh players up to speed.

Card Values

The value of cards is one of the most basic elements of the game. Card 2 to 10 are all of the face value, while all face cards are worth a value of 10 also. Aces are the most sought-after card with all blackjack games. Their value can be interchanged from either an 11 or a 1, depending on the hand obtained within the game. Holding an Ace can prevent you from going bust while still allowing for more cards to be drawn.

Within progressive blackjack games, Aces are also the golden cards to receive. These will determine whether your side bet on the blackjack table was worth it or not. We shall go into more detail later within this guide regarding the various bet payouts.

Betting Actions

There are various actions you can take depending on the cards in play. Once all cards have been dealt around the blackjack table, the battle against the dealer begins. Since the game’s objective is to attempt to reach 21 or a close to it while beating the dealer, making the correct move upon your hand can determine whether you win or lose the game.

Starting with the most common action being a “hit.” This is used if you require an additional card within your hand. For example, if you have two low cards, you can hit, and the dealer will give you an extra card to increase your total.

Alternatively, suppose you are content with your total hand; you can “stand,” remaining with your original cards to compare against the dealer.

Similar to the hit action, doubling down allows you to take (only) one more card and double your main bet. This is advised if you are holding an Ace and have considered the dealer’s upcard.

Finally, we have the “surrender” move, which is only available within blackjack surrender games. This functions opposingly to a double down. In this case, if you feel there is no chance at beating the dealer, you can forfeit your hand while only losing half of your main wager. This move can either be played before or after the dealer checks for a natural blackjack.

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Progressive Blackjack Payouts

Within the progressive version of blackjack, betting payouts are substantial. Blackjack players playing online have huge jackpots up for grabs that land-based casinos simply can’t offer. The idea, as mentioned, is to gather as many Aces as possible. If you are lucky enough to be dealt a pair of Aces, don’t hit, split Aces to have the best chance at gathering one or more Aces.

Check out the payout rates below before you are dazzled by the ever-rising jackpot meter within progressive table games.

  • One Ace of any suit pays out at 3:1
  • Two Aces of different suits pays out at 15:1
  • Two consecutive Aces of the same suit pays out at 50:1
  • Three unsuited Aces pay out at 200:1
  • Three suited Aces pays out at 1000:1
  • Four unsuited Aces pays out 2000:1
  • Four suited Aces reward the entire progressive jackpot

Even with the minimum bet amount, you will receive huge payouts in the event you gain a few Aces. Be mindful of the probability of landing a number of Aces before subsiding your main bets for side bets.

How to Play Progressive Blackjack Games?

Now that you fully comprehend the basics of blackjack and the progressive side bets, it’s time to choose a real money casino, sign up, pick your favourite game and start playing!

Our experts have accumulated a list of the best progressive blackjack sites at the top of this page. Compare the many casinos and single out the perfect gambling site for you. To aid in this process, we recommend checking the casino UX, quality, and variety of progressive blackjack games on offer, and of course, the casino bonuses.

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Once you have founded a blackjack site, hit “Grab Bonus” next to the online casino of your choice. We will redirect you to the online casino homepage, where you can fill out the registration forms and verify your new account.

All that is left to do is top up your new account, claim your bonus and pick a progressive blackjack game. With your first game, follow this step-by-step guide until you are confident against the dealer. Otherwise, free blackjack games offer a pressure-free environment whilst you learn how to play the game.

  1. Place both your main bet and side bet before any cards are dealt on the table.
  2. After all, cards have been dealt, consider the dealer’s up card and your hand. Make a decision on whether you wish to hit, stand, or double down.
  3. The dealer then reveals the hole card and must play the hand following a set basis of rules. If the hand amounts to 16 or less, the dealer must hit. Once the dealer reaches 17 or more, the dealer must stand.
  4. Both playing hands are then compared, and winnings are all paid out accordingly to any player who has beaten the dealer. The payout on the initial bet is even money, or within some progressive blackjack variants, the pay-out rate is 3:2. Portions on the progressive jackpot are also rewarded to players who have been lucky enough to obtain Aces.

Progressive blackjack is as easy as that! If the progressive jackpot has not been won, it will continuously grow as the name suggests until a player is fortunate enough to land some aces.

Mobile Casinos with Progressive Jackpots

Online blackjack sites have made it more convenient than ever to be in for a chance at winning a progressive jackpot for fast-moving UK players. Blackjack games are being produced by big names such as Evolution Gaming and Netent using the latest HTML5, ensuring a mobile-friendly experience.

All online casinos offer fully optimized sites for mobile users. Some even provide casino apps that offer lucrative bonuses for those who download and register an account through their mobile device. Whichever you choose to play with, the quality and variety of games doesn’t slip.

Wagering on the go also allows for speedy logins, and with save payment details, you will never miss an opportunity to challenge the dealer or place a progressive side bet no matter where you may be.

Free Blackjack Games

As previously mentioned, free blackjack games are perfect for learning how to play the traditional game of blackjack or even test out alternate variants. Most casinos provide demo modes on all their table games, ensuring every blackjack player has plenty of practice before heading for real money RNG games or even the live casino department.

With your newfound knowledge, you are now ready to take on the dealer and enter into a progressive blackjack game like a seasoned pro. Head up to our top list and choose one of the many progressive blackjack sites to kick start your winning journey today!

UK Best progressive Blackjack Casinos FAQ’s

Do all online casinos provide progressive blackjack?

All online casino sites that we promoted within this page offer progressive blackjack games for players to enjoy both in and out of the live casino department. Every gambling site is fully licensed and regulated by leading regularity bodies such as the UKGC to ensure you can wager with peace of mind.

What is a progressive side bet in blackjack?

The progressive side bet in blackjack is an additional bet placed by a player with the hope the receive a number of Aces within the game. The jackpot pays out to all players fortunate enough to gather Aces within a game.

What are progressive blackjack betting systems?

A progressive blackjack betting system is a method of increasing bets depending on the previous game's outcome. Players use progressive betting to capitalize on winning streak while attempting to minimize hefty losses.