Reverse Martingale System

Reverse Martingale System Roulette CA

Have you ever tried a roulette betting system while playing at the best online casinos in Canada? If not, then today is your lucky day! Our team at Casino Martini has been using the Reverse Martingale System for decades now. This betting strategy aims to maximize the profits earned while on a roulette winning streak and minimize the amount lost if you are unlucky enough for the ball to land against your even money bet.

This low-risk progressive betting system will be sure to bring your gambling adventure to new levels in no time. If you wish to learn how to use this famous betting, then join us within this guide, and you will be wagering like a pro in no time!

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How to Use The Reverse Martingale System

Betting systems have been around ever since the creation of the games they are used within. Gamblers constantly attempt to devise methods to beat the house, and one such is the Reverse Martingale system. Unlike its close relative, the Martingale strategy, which dictates a player should double their bet after every loss, the Reverse Martingale betting system maximizes winning streaks.

The risk factor within this strategy is considerably lower to various other betting systems as there is no pressure on exceeding the tables betting limits. For this reason, new gamblers are attracted to the Reverse Martingale System to try and boost their bankroll in the short term.

Over the years, our expert team at Casino Martini has testest and reviewed the top roulette sites in Canada, comprising a list for all our readers to access with ease. We have implemented the Reverse or Anti-Martingale Strategy within our game analysis and examined the pros and cons that coincide with it. If you are interested in experimenting with this famous positive progression system, join us here as we uncover all you need to know to capitalize on your next winning streak.

How to Use The Reverse Martingale System?

The Reverse Martingale strategy only works while wagering even money bets. The gambler must bet on either red/black, even/odd, or high/low numbers. The strategy dictates players should double their bet after every win and return to their initial stake in the event of a loss. It is essentially the opposite of the original Martingale strategy. But how do you know when to stop doubling and call it quits?

This decision is down to you; after our own practice, we feel no more than 2-3 bets within a winning streak is relatively safe. After that, you run the risk of losing some pretty hefty winnings. The limit you set should be stuck to no matter how tempted you are to place just one more bet. Return to the initial stake and continue the Reverse Martingale strategy again.

The amount you initially choose to commence this positive progression system with should be low to reduce large losses in case of a long losing streak. Starting low won’t hurt your bankroll, and while doubling your potential profit after each bet, your money will grow rapidly.

As we dive into our step-by-step guide, don’t forget the casino has the house edge. Take note of the number of green spaces on the roulette wheel you wish to wager with. The European table has a lower house edge which will benefit this playing style if you are a regular gambler.

Reverse Martingale Strategy Step-by-Step Guide

The probability of winning while wagering with even money bets on the roulette table is 47.4% within American roulette and 48.6% within European roulette. With this in mind, choose a European wheel at your favourite roulette site in Canada. As mentioned, we have carefully gathered a list of top-rated roulette sites for you to take your pick.

As a new player, welcome bonuses are ideal while practicing a betting strategy. They will grant you the time with extra cash to wager pressure-free as you get a feel for the system. Opt for one of the many deposit match bonuses and watch as your opening deposit doubles or even triples within a few seconds.

The functionality of the Reverse Martingale strategy is easy, which has made it attractive to all new gamblers trying their luck within roulette casino games. Below we have laid out a how-to guide on this positive progression betting system for you to follow through the first few betting rounds.

  1. Start by setting a minimum stake that will be your constant. For the sake of this example, we shall commence with a $10 bet.
  2. Choose an even money bet and hit the spin button on RNG casino games, or wait for the dealer to close the betting round and spin the wheel within live table games.
  3. With the assumption that the first bet is a win, we again double our bet, which amounts to the winnings, we have received.
  4. After this $40 bet, we win again with a profit of $40 plus or $40 bet back, amounting to $80.
  5. Finally, we double our bet one last time, betting $80 and spinning the wheel. If our winning streak continues and we win this bet. We hold on to our $160 winnings and start the Reverse Martingale betting system from our initial stake of $10.

At any stage, a loss is incurred; players must return to the originally betting amount and start the strategy again. The profits of this progression system rapidly grow as a player wins, yet its odds are in the casino’s favour, so know when to quit while your bankroll is at a desirable amount and always remember to gamble responsibly.

Does the Reverse Martingale Strategy Work?

The odds of winning within roulette even money bets are slightly less than the flip of a coin. That doesn’t mean that the strategy does not work. It simply signifies that chances of winning multiple times in a row are improbable.

The problem many people have is containing their excitement within rounds and chancing a win more time. Keep to your limits no matter how big the profits may seem if you bet one more time.

Pros & Cons of the Reverse Martingale Betting System

Pros & Cons of the Reverse Martingale Betting System

All betting strategies contain a set of benefits and negatives while wagering on roulette table games. Weighing up these will inform you of the risks involved and the advantages of boosting your bankroll with a number of wins in a row. Consider all of these elements before using the Reverse strategy with your own hard-earned cash.


Strategies can generate cash as long as you are lucky enough to lands consecutive wins on the casino game you are playing. While roulette is a game of chance, the following pros of the Reverse strategy promote both an exciting and captivating game.

  • The amount of profit increases dramatically as you progressively bet within a winning streak.
  • Previous losses are often gained back within a single win using the Reverse Martingale strategy.
  • It is the perfect strategy for all players attempting to learn the roulette as the only bet required is on red/black, even/odd, or high/low throughout the game.
  • Table limits aren’t a concern as you will return to your original stake once you have hit your goal number of bets within the winning streak.
  • As you profit off your winnings, there is no significant risk of placing large bets with your own cash.

Again this information is subjective to potential winnings. There is no sure-fire way to within a game of roulette.


The cons of the Reverse Martingale system can be frustrating at times for some players. Setting too high a betting limit can prevent you from cashing out while the going gets good. Here are the downsides to this well-known system.

  • The amount of profit gained from all previous bets can be lost within a single spin.
  • Players can’t make other bets while using the system, which can make betting dull at times.
  • The chance of winning remains the same after every spin; the wheel favours the house.

If you are at all hesitant at trying out the Reverse Martingale system, opt for free roulette games. This will allow you to take the chance and test the system before using your own cash.

Now that you are fully equipped, it’s time to master this strategy within your favourite roulette game. Head up to the top of this page and pick one of the top-ranking roulette sites in Canada to start your new gambling journey off win a bang!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Reverse Martingale System legal?

Absolutely, this betting strategy can be used within any online casino in Canada. It is perfectly legal and is even promoted at some roulette sites.

Will I win with the Reverse strategy?

As roulette is a game of chance, there is not saying that you will definitely win or lose upon any spin. The strategy simply promotes profit upon wins, but you will need some luck on your side to keep a winning streak up.

What is a positive progression system?

As the name suggests, bets progress throughout gameplay as a player wins within the specific game being played.