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CA Roulette Sites 2024 | Best Real Money Roulette Casinos in Canada

The online casino industry is flooded with roulette games; however, uncovering the best online roulette sites has become an increasingly tedious task for many players. Our expert team at Casino Martini has carefully reviewed and rated roulette casinos in Canada to give you the best chance at hitting your lucky number and potentially winning some big bucks.

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How We Rate the Best Real Money Roulette Sites

New and seasoned gamblers alike flock to play online roulette daily in Canada for obvious reasons. The excitement, convenience, and ease of wagering from the comfort of a cozy couch or through a mobile device on the bus ride home.

The experience online roulette casinos offer is unparalleled to other table games for all fresh players in the industry. The game is played with a wheel containing either 37 or 38 pockets numbered 1 to 36 with green spaces for zero and/or double zero. Players have the opportunity to bet on the potential outcome of where the ball will land.

This thrilling real money casino game has been enjoyed within the online industry for decades by roulette fans. If you wish to jump in on the action, join us here as we uncover the best online roulette sites in Canada, where you will start your new gambling journey off rolling in bonus funds.

How We Rate the Best Real Money Roulette Sites

Numerous factors must be considered before we add a new online casino to our carefully gathered top list.

The starting point for our team at Casino Martini is the legitimacy of the site. Our priority is to ensure all our readers have a safe and secure roulette casino to gamble at. All roulette casinos we have presented at Casino Martini are fully licensed and regulated by leading governing bodies. We also ensure players globally trust the brand and previous gambling experiences have been satisfactory.

Of course, gambling games are the main reason we are all here. The quality and variety of roulette games are noted, and software providers are examined with the RNG games section and the live dealer games department.

Along with game testing, the overall user experience and gamification features are reviewed. This is often a matter of preference as some players enjoy a more classic casino approach while others may enjoy a zombie theme.

Continuing to the bonuses, the welcome bonus is the star of the show for new players eager to play roulette online. Apart from this dazzling offer, casinos also provide weekly promotions and VIP programs to reward their loyal roulette players for consistent wagering.

What to Consider When Picking a Roulette Site

Although we have listed the best roulette sites in Canada through our expert picks, this does not mean our number one site will be best suited for you. Our team review every nook and cranny of the roulette site, from banking options to the customer support team. Some of these departments may not be relevant to your desires. Take these big 3 factors into account while sieving through the many top-rated casinos at Casino Martini.

Casino Bonus offers

The welcome bonus at many roulette casinos will boost your bankroll drastically on arrival. Opting for a deposit match bonus offer over free spins will further your roulette experience allowing you to wager for double or even triple the length of time you would have with your own cash funds.

Within the welcome bonus, keep an eye out for the terms and conditions that will directly affect your bonus winnings. The bonus wagering requirements, expiry dates, and check if any table games are excluded from wagering using bonus cash.

Quality & Variety of Games

Gambling sites often have a vast roulette game variety on offer for players to try their luck. While other casino sites solely focus on a few variants and provide top-quality games, the decision boils down to your preferences.

Check out the many roulette variants on offer and ensure your desired games are available. If you are completely new to the online roulette industry, some of the most popular games to keep an eye out for include the classic European roulette, American roulette, and alternative games such as multi-wheel roulette.

Live Dealer Games

New Canadian players are always advised to commence their real money gameplay on RNG games that permit roulette players to spin the virtual wheel themselves. This ensures every beginner has an abundance of time to make betting decisions and consider the odds on the table.

Once comfortable live dealer roulette opens up electric new doors and provides a real-time gaming experience like no other. Notable software providers such as Evolution Gaming and Netent showcase flawless streaming of live croupiers in brick and mortar casinos and live studios.

Consider the games available within the live dealer casino and prepare yourself to embrace the Vegas feeling at one of the top online roulette casinos in 2024.

How to Play Online Roulette in Canada

Learning how to play roulette is much easier than newbies think. All that is required is a quick sign-up process, deposit, claim and play! As mention, be careful not to solely base your decision on an inviting casino bonus. Gambling companies are competing for your attention, and falling into the trap of registering an account with the first casino that you lay your eyes on won’t benefit you into the future.

Choose the best online roulette site for you from our online casino top list at the top of this page. Next to the casino of your preference, hit “Grab Bonus,” and we will redirect you to the casino home page.

Our team has put together this uncomplicated guide to aid you along the way.

Sign Up

The register button is located at the top right of all online casinos and will render the sign-up forms. Here you must fill out all necessary sections, including name, email address, phone number and create a strong password. Verify your new account via email, and it will be activated within seconds.


Roulette sites offer an abundance of payment methods to utilize for instant deposits. At the cashier section of your active account, select a deposit method and key in all relevant details. Whether you are using a debit card or a speedy e-wallet, your cash funds will be instantly available, and you can save your details for future transactions.

The casino will match your deposit with a set percentage, and bonus funds will be credited to your account. Ensure you wager all cash funds before accessing the deposit bonus funds for real money roulette.

Pick a Game

Choose one of the many roulette games within the Random Number Generator games section. Consider the table limits and rules before play online roulette for real money. Alternatively, test out roulette games using the free demo mode until you are comfortable playing real money roulette.


In all roulette variations, the game begins with punters placing their bets on the roulette table. Move your chips to the desired area on the table. Note that all bets placed on the inside of the table provide high payouts; however, the probability of winning is low. In comparison, all bets placed on the outside of the table have a high chance of winning yet offer low payouts.

After you have placed your bets, hit the “Spin” button, and the ball will spin within the wheel. The casino pays out all winnings, and a new betting round is open. This simplistic game can be played by all casino fans willing to try their luck.

Although this is a game of luck, betting systems have been developed over time to try to lower the house edge. Some of the most famous is the Martingale betting strategy and its opposing sibling, the Reverse Martingale system. Over time, implementing various strategies can add a new flare to the game and even produce some significant winnings if you manage to obtain a winning streak.

Bets & Odds

Bets & Odds

One of the many draws to a roulette casino is the many bets available on potential outcomes. The most common and well-known by all players alike is the bet on red or black. Like other even money bets, this bet does not offer a 50:50 chance as new players may think. The green pockets within the wheel ensure that all bets slightly favour the house.

American roulette will give you a 47.4% chance at winning, while its European relative provides a 48.6% chance at winning on an even money bet.

The various bets can be grouped into two categories on a roulette table. Those made inside the table with higher risk and higher reward and those made outside the table function is the complete opposite. Let’s examine the various bet types and payouts while you play online roulette at top-rated casino sites.

Inside Bets

Various high-stakes bets provide huge payouts in the event the ball lands on a winning number. While playing online roulette for real money, it is recommended to place the bulk of your money on high-probability bets. Inside bets are ideal for smaller bets to minimize the risk of losing huge portions of your bankroll.

New players often utilize their deposit bonus cash on inside bets to wager for significant amounts without the pressure of losing your hard-earned cash. Here are the many inside bets to make in roulette games.

Straight up – Betting on a single pocket within roulette games will payout at 35:1 if the ball lands in the chosen pocket.

Street – Street bets allow players to bet on three numbers side by side on the roulette table. For instance, if the ball lands on either 4, 5, or 6, the casino payout is 11:1.

Double Street – As the name suggests, a double street is six numbers side by side, providing a payout of 5:1 in the event any of the numbers land the ball.

Split – A split is a bet divided over two adjacent numbers rewarding a 17:1 payout if the ball land on wither number.

Corner – A player can bet on four numbers at once shaped like a square on the table. The chips are placed in the cross dividing the square and provides a payout of 8:1.

Outside Bets

Outside bets within roulette games are far more popular, offering players a higher chance of winning. Although the payout isn’t as significant, betting strategies can make betting on high probably bets exciting and enriching with a bit of luck on your side.

These bets will count for the bulk of your bankroll while you play roulette. The safe nature and almost 50:50 chance entice Canadian players to wager on outside bets daily.

Even or Odd – Bets placed on even or odd numbers provide an even money bet.

Red or Black – Betting on red or black pockets also pays out at 1:1.

High or Low – Betting on high numbers (1-18) or low numbers (19-36) offers a 1:1 payout if the ball lands on any of the numbers within the bet.

Column – The table consists of three columns containing 12 numbers in each. Betting on any number within a column to win offers a payout of 2:1.

Dozen – There are three groups on the roulette table containing a dozen numbers in each. Betting on a single-third of the table provides a payout of 2:1 if the ball land within your chosen dozen.

Types of Roulette Games

Online roulette casinos lead the way with countless variations of the classic game that we know and love. Game providers are also constantly working on new and innovative features to improve gameplay for roulette fanatics. This has created an experience for roulette players that was not possible in brick and mortar casinos, limiting themselves to American roulette and European roulette.

Now online roulette sites offer modern roulette variations for members to enjoy both in and out of the live dealer casino. Here is a snippet of the many games to expect if you desire to play roulette for real money.

American Roulette

American roulette is the most popular roulette game offered at all Vegas brick-and-mortar casinos. Gambling establishments opt for this casino game as the house edge is higher due to the addition of a double zero. The wheel has a total of 38 pockets, numbers 1 to 36 are visible in red and black, and the remaining two pockets are allocated to zero and double zero.

French Roulette

French roulette is the classic game devised in France in the early 18th century that so many variants are based off. This roulette game contains 37 pockets numbered 1 to 36 plus a single zero. It differs from European roulette slightly within its layout.

European Roulette

European roulette is a fan favourite offering the same bets as American roulette with the exception of the house edge. There are a total of 37 pockets with a single zero and 36 numbers. Canada’s best online roulette sites provide top-quality European live dealer roulette for their members to enjoy.

Multi-Ball Roulette

Multi-ball roulette is played with all the same bets and table layout only differing within the number of balls within the wheel. Players can wager with up to 10 balls which dramatically increases the chances of a winning number. As players enjoy a higher chance of winning, the casino balances this out with lower payouts among all bets.

Modern Roulette Games

If you want to play like the pros, practising on a variety of modern games with various strategies is thrilling at the best roulette casinos. Innovative games such as lightning roulette, mini roulette, immersive roulette, and even gods roulette from Playtech are exciting variants within the industry today.

Free Roulette Games

The best online casinos provide demo modes to all roulette games. Take advantage of this while you test out different online casino games before committing to a deposit. These free roulette games also provide a risk-free place for developing a betting system and putting a renowned strategy to the test.

If you have your heart set on playing online roulette for real money, no deposit bonuses warrant free gameplay on real money casino games with the use of bonus funds.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions

While wagering at the best online roulette casino, you will encounter a variety of bonus offers to claim. Weekly promotions boost your bankroll with cashback and reload bonuses. These roulette bonuses allow you to secure more risky bets with the hope the ball lands on your winning number.

Roulette casino sites also provide VIP programs that reward consistent gameplay and brand loyalty with bonus cash and tournament chips. These programs function off a simplistic point system in which the more you wager will amount to more loyalty points in return.

With all casino bonuses, ensure you read the associated terms and conditions and gamble responsibly with all bonus funds.

New Roulette Sites

If you are searching for the latest casino games with high-quality graphics and audio, check out the many new online casinos offering roulette games in Canada. Newer sites also attempt to stamp their mark with the industry by offering lucrative welcome bonus offer for players on arrival. These may have low wagering requirements or long expiry dates, which will come in handy as you get a feel for a new casino.

Our new casino site list offers all the latest online casinos in 2024 for our readers to enjoy. As new sites enter the online market, our team is the first to know and review fresh casinos before they make the cut at Casino Martini.

Mobile Roulette Sites

In today’s day and age, all of the best online roulette casinos offer fully optimized mobile sites, and some casinos even provide downloadable apps. The age of mobile gambling is upon us as we lead busier lives, and the convenience of mobile gameplay makes wagering on the go effortless.

Game providers create their games using the latest HTML5 technologies to meet the demand of mobile users. These games are then compatible across all platforms from apple to android using both data and wifi.

Payment Methods at Roulette Casinos

Payment Methods at Roulette Casinos

Online casinos have made it more accessible than ever for new players to join their platforms and wager on the many roulette games on offer. One important factor that can often decide if players join a roulette site is the list of payment methods.

It is a lose-lose for both the casino and the player if there is not a deposit method available to complete a transition. To ensure this does not occur too frequently, online casinos provide a range of payment methods from e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller all the way to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Real money games and roulette bonuses can be claimed with ease once payment details have been saved. Sign up today, and you will be able to top up your roulette account from wherever you may be, all within a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is roulette easy to play?

Roulette online is one of the casino games to play due to its easy concept. The game aims to bet on where you believe the ball will land within the wheel. Simply place your bets on the table and hit β€œSpin,” the wheel will spin, and as it slows, the ball will remain in the winning pocket.

Are roulette casinos safe?

Of course, as mentioned, our team at Casino Martini reviews all online casinos for player trustworthiness and legitimacy. We only provide online casinos that are fully licensed and regulated by reputable governing bodies such as the MGA and the UKGC.

Can I play roulette for free?

Absolutely, every roulette site offers demo modes on real money games. This free roulette is ideal for all new casino players who need the time to learn how to play roulette before committing to the real deal.

What are other table games available at roulette casinos?

Players have the ability to use their casino cash in any department within the online casino. Other games to try your luck and develop new skills include poker, blackjack, craps, sic bo, and baccarat.