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How To Win At Roulette: What’s The Best Strategy?

While roulette is a game of chance, ever since the game’s creation, players have devised betting systems and strategies attempting to sway the odds in their favour. Our team has Casino Martini has tried every trick in the book while playing roulette at the best online casinos in Canada. With our combined years of experience, we have created a comprehensive to help you start winning online roulette like the pros. Check out our roulette strategy guide below and start wagering within a top-rated roulette site today!

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Game of Luck

Ever since this classic table game was created, roulette players have attempted to lower the house edge and sway the odds in their favour. Betting systems and strategies are implemented based on logical and calculated decisions to make the most of a winning streak and minimize the losses incurred.

While roulette is, of course, a game of chance, testing out these betting strategies can be exciting and enriching with some luck on your side. At Casino Martini, we believe with a bit of perseverance and a fortunate spin, hitting the big bucks can be easy if you commit to a strategy.

That’s why our team has put together this comprehensive guide to increase your chances to win on the roulette table. Let’s dive right in and analyze the game as a whole before we uncover our strategy tips and system to try out.

Game of Luck

As mentioned, roulette is a game of luck. The wheel spins with a little white ball inside and lands within a pocket as the wheel begins to slow. Players can place a variety of bets both inside and outside of the table. Winnings are paid out to players lucky enough to obtain a winning bet.

Now that we have the basics of roulette out of the way, let’s debunk a few misconceptions that will save you countless bets trying to beat the game. Firstly, all casino games use Random Number Generator technologies to source a random outcome of the game. Advanced algorithms sort the data within the game and pick a number unbeknownst to the casino. To guarantee all roulette games are fair, choose a licensed and regulated roulette site right here at Casino Martini.

Due to this technology, it is useless trying to establish patterns within the game. Each time you play roulette, the chance of winning is as unpredictable as it ever was. Don’t waste your time attempting to analyze recurring patterns, as they simply won’t happen.

Finally, while using roulette strategies, there is no sure-fire way to win. Roulette tables have limits, so even practising the most basic betting system can all go to the waste side if your next bet exceeds the table limits.

Odds of Winning

As a roulette player, it is vital to know the difference between odds and payouts. Even money bets do not offer players a 50:50 chance at winning; every roulette wheel has either one or two green spaces for which dictate the house edge.

For example, betting on red which is one of the most common even money bets, will give you a 47.4% chance of winning while playing American roulette, which contains a single and a double zero. In comparison, betting on red numbers within European roulette present slightly better in your favour amounting to a 48.6% chance of winning.

This house advantage does not change through the course of the game. If you are constantly wagering, opt for one of the European-style games to give you better odds at making some profit.

Types of Roulette Strategies

Playing roulette with a strategy can be both fun and rewarding. With so many different roulette strategies available to use, it often boils down to deciding factors. The first element to consider is the size of your bankroll and how much you are willing to dedicate to a strategy.

The second considerable factor is whether you wish to wager with a progressive or non-progressive betting system. As the name implies, progressive betting strategies dictate a player should increase their bet through the game. While a non-progressive roulette betting system suggests, players should keep their bets the same throughout the entirety of the game, which is, in turn, accessible for low rollers.

Once you have a dedicated bet size to commence with and the table limit isn’t too low to break past a losing streak, all that is left is to pick a strategy and start wagering at your favourite roulette game.

Here is a list of the most popular roulette strategies that are implemented by Canadian players daily.

  1. Fibonacci Roulette Strategy
  2. Labouchere System
  3. James Bond Betting Strategy
  4. D’Alembert Roulette strategy
  5. Martingale Strategy
  6. Reverse Martingale Strategy

Suppose you are completely new to the online gambling world or at least on the hunt for one of the best roulette sites to join. Welcome bonuses are essential to boost your bankroll, giving you more time and leeway to practice roulette systems before denting your own deposited cash. This is no secret within the casino industry; players use bonus funds to test out new casino games with strategies to gain some profit and have pressure-free fun along the way.

The best roulette strategies will be the ones best suited to your bankroll. We have directed a few popular winning roulette systems strategies that every player should try at least once within their spins.

Progressive Betting

A prime example of a classic winning strategy to play roulette with is the Martingale betting system. Since this is a progressive betting system, the Martingale roulette strategy indicates that players should double their bet in the event of a loss and return to their original stake in the case of a win.

This strategy aims to keep doubling your stake on a losing streak, so when you eventually win, you will retain all previous losses and a small profit in return. The logical idea is that a losing streak won’t last forever.

Testing this strategy on the roulette wheel will only function while using even money bets such as red/black, odd/even, or high or low numbers. Choose a minimum stake that will be your set amount for the game and continue to place your first bet. If you win, that’s great; simply return and bet again at your original stake. If you lose, keep doubling your bet until you win again and regain your losses plus profit.

Be mindful of the table limit within the game. The system will fail if doubling your bet exceeds the table limit, and you will not be able to regain previous losses incurred.

Non-Progressive Betting

Ian Fleming, the British journalist who wrote the famous James Bond books, is praised amongst the online gambling world for portraying the slick strategy in a 007 fashion. James bond cleverly placed his bets spread out in the specific area of the table to give him the mathematically best chance to win big.

This can be used on all roulette games and is relatively easy to calculate. The bets are divided into three parts, with a percentage of your stake allocated to set areas on the table. The first bet requires 70% of your bankroll and is placed on higher numbers (19-36) with even an even money payout. The second bet is worth 25% of your original stake and is allocated to a line (13-18) which will reward you with a 5:1 payout. Finally, the remaining 5% is placed on the zero within the roulette wheel to provide a 35:1 payout in the event of a win.

This divided bet gives you the best chances to win from all angles. Remember to keep your bet the same as you wager to avoid heavy losses in case of a few unlucky roulette spins.

Best Roulette Strategy for Winning Big

Best Roulette Strategy for Winning Big

The Labouchere system was designed for high roller looking to double their bankroll with some basic calculations. The idea of this strategy is to reduce your stake in the event of a win and increase it after a loss. To begin this negative betting system, grab and pen and a piece of paper. Write 10 ones out on the paper, giving each one the value of, let’s say, $10. The total number of the sequence of one amounts to a $100 bankroll budget.

The first bet is the addition of the first and last numbers within the sequence, which amount to a $20 bet. These bets must all be even money bets for the strategy to function correctly. If you win this first bet, cross off the first and last number within the sequence. In the event of a loss, the sum of the two digits is added to the end of the sequence, and the next bet begins.

Continuing within this example, our next bet again adds the first and last number within our sequence, which is now $10 at the front and $20 at the end due to our last loss. A $30 bet is placed, and the strategy continues until all numbers have been eliminated.

Like all strategies within any casino game, you must play the system through for it to benefit you correctly. Don’t back out while wagering, as you will lose all potential winnings which may have been gained using the strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s considered a risky bet in roulette?

Betting on an individual pocket on the roulette wheel is the riskiest bet to make. The probability of the ball landing within your chosen pocket is 2.70% in European roulette and 2.63% in American roulette.

Are roulette strategies legal at casinos?

Absolutely, as there is no sure-fire way to beat roulette due to the obvious house edge implementing betting systems is perfectly legal.

Where can I find the best roulette sites in Canada?

You have found them! Here at Casino Martini, our expert team has gathered a list of the best roulette sites in Canada to ensure our readers have top-quality platforms to enjoy.

What other casino games can I use strategies in?

Betting systems are not solely limited to roulette games; players can practice strategies within blackjack games, sic bo games, craps games, and even poker games.