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How To Play Blackjack: A Comprehensive Guide NZ

Blackjack is one of the oldest banking games adored by millions of gamblers worldwide. This American-style card game is exciting and enriching to players who embrace the challenge of beating the dealer with combined luck and skill. If you are up for the challenge and wish to learn this popular comparing card game, check out our comprehensive guide below and start playing blackjack online like a true pro!

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Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest banking games adored by millions of gamblers worldwide. This American-style card game is exciting and enriching to players who embrace the challenge of beating the dealer with combined luck and skill.

New players often relish the fact blackjack is one of the easiest casino games to learn. Not only that, blackjack has great game odds and the lowest house edge within the table games family. To enjoy these benefits and try your hand against the dealer, it is vital to fully understand the basics of blackjack so you can make the best decision to promote winning opportunities.

Luckily for you, we have devised this comprehensive guide to accelerate you to the levels of a pro. Join us here at Casino Martini as we dive into the bet types, blackjack variations, betting options, and everything else in between. Are you ready to beat the dealer?

Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, functions by comparing cards and competing with the dealer to uncover who has the better hand. A blackjack game’s objective is to get as close to or reach a combined total without going over. If during the game the value of your cards amounts to over 21, you are bust and out of the game until the next round.

Blackjack games commence with a player placing a bet before any cards have been dealt. The dealer then deals two cards to the player, both facing up and 2 cards to the house, with one being a face-down card. The player can then make a move to either hit, stand, double-down, split, or surrender in some cases, depending on the blackjack variant.

The decision is based on the total of their facing up cards and the dealers up card. This is where the skill and understanding of the game are implemented. Once an action has been taken, the dealer’s down card is revealed, and the closest to 21 is the winner.

Now that we have the game concept down, let’s go into more detail regarding the value of cards, side bets, and the actions that can be taken to improve your hand.

Value of Cards

The value of cards in a blackjack game is straightforward, with the majority of the cards being of face value. Starting with the Ace, this is the most sought-after card will playing blackjack as it can either be played as an 11 or a 1 depending on how you desire to play the card to achieve the goal of blackjack.

Next, we have face cards (picture cards). These are Jack, King, and Queen, all individually amount to 10. Finally, cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 are all of face value.

Playing a Blackjack Hand

Once you have analysed your cards and considered the dealer’s face-up card, there are various actions that can be taken to secure a winning hand. We have outlined these options below for you to familiarise yourself with.

Hit – If your first two cards amount to a low number, you have the ability to “hit” and request another card from the dealer. This will then add another card amount to your total, hoping that you get closer to 21.

Stand – The hand you have been dealt might be as close as you’ll get to 21 without running the risk of obtaining another card and going bust. Here you can “stand” and remain with the cards you have been dealt.

Split – In the case you receive two identical cards, you can “split” the cards and play with two hands at once. This will give you double the chance at beating the dealer’s hand.

Double-down – If you have received a low numbered hand, you have the ability to “double-down”, which will double your original bet stake, and you will receive one more card. After you have called a double-down, you will not be able to complete another action for the game.

Bust – Bust is the phrase given when your cards amount to 22 plus. You will automatically lose the game and will have to wait for the next round.

Surrender – The “Surrender” move is not permitted in all blackjack games. This allows you to forfeit your hand if you feel you have a losing hand. Only half of your bet will be lost, providing some security to an obviously bad hand.

Insurance Bets – An Insurance bet is a side bet offered in many blackjack variants. If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, you can bet half of your wager on the dealer getting a blackjack. Once the dealer reveals their hand total, the even-money side bet pays out 2:1 if the dealer.

How to Pick the Best Blackjack Site

Now that we got the basics out of the way, it’s time to hone your skills at one of the best blackjack sites in New Zealand. Our team at Casino Martini has made the process quick and easy for you, presenting a list of the top online casinos with blackjack games in an above top list. All of the blackjack sites that we have presented are fully licensed and regulated by leading governing bodies.

Check out the many casino bonuses and utilise bonus cash to play blackjack pressure-free. While analysing the bonuses, check out some of the common terms and conditions that may affect your bonus winnings. These include the wagering requirements, the bonus expiry date, and if the bonus cash is allocated to certain casino card games.

Also, we always advise you to glance through the blackjack site itself. It’s all well and good claiming a generous welcome bonus, but if the quality and variety of games aren’t up to scratch, then what’s the point.

Within the games sections, you will notice many different blackjack tables to join both in and out of the live dealer casino department. These variants all slightly vary within their blackjack rules, side bets, and a number of decks being played. So how do you know which game is best suited for you? Let’s find out!

Choose a Blackjack Variant

Once you have chosen your favourite blackjack site, it’s time to register an account and start practising. Players can sign up in a matter of minutes and enjoy an abundance of RNG casino games and live dealer table games.

It can be overwhelming deciding which game to start off with. Luckily you are not in Las Vegas with a table of players watching you as you learn. Here are some of the most popular blackjack variants to test out. Most of them offer a free blackjack mode in case you are hesitant to wager with real money stakes from the start.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch allows players to play with two hands at once and, as the name suggests, switch cards between each hand to create the optimum hand to beat the dealer.


Pontoon is the popular British sibling of blackjack. The game is commonly played with a single deck of cards and allows players to double down with more than two cards in hand. To request a card from the dealer, the term twist is used instead of hit.

Double Exposure

To play blackjack with double expose, the dealer reveals both playing cards from the get-go. This gives players a better chance at taking action with the knowledge of what they have to beat. Although this may seem more favourable to players, the payout is slightly less, and there are no insurance bet or surrender moves available.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is played with 6 decks; within these decks, all of the 10 cards removed. Players have the ability to double down upon any hand and split up to four times. In the event of a tie, the player is rewarded with the win.

How to Play Blackjack – 3 Easy Steps

To get you started, you first have to select an online casino. Check out the many blackjack sites within our casino bonus and hit “Grab Bonus” next to your favourite one. Register a new account and secure your opening deposit to unlock the welcome bonus funds. Now that you understand all the moving parts, it’s just a matter of putting them all together and playing your first game.

Here is how to play blackjack in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose a blackjack game from either the live casino department or from the RNG table games section. Join the table and place your opening bet.
  2. Calculate your two cards’ total and choose the most suited action from above depending on your hand and the dealer’s up card.
  3. Next, the dealer will play the house hand, revealing the down card and totalling both numbers. The dealer only has the option to hit or stand. In the case the dealer has 17 or higher, it will be an automatic stand. With 16 or lower, the dealer will take additional cards, and the game will continue back to the player. The only expectation of this rule is if the dealer has a soft 17. This is where the dealer has an ace and a 6. This Ace can either be played as an 11 or a 1, giving the dealer the option to “hit”.

This 3 step process can then be replicated again and again until you are comfortable within the game and ready to take on the live dealer casino. If you are lucky enough to beat the dealer, tables usually reward wins with either even money or 3-2 payouts depending on the game.

Live vs. RNG Casino Games

Once you are a member of a casino, you will have the option to wager in both the live casino section and the Random Number Generator department. We always recommended learning the game through RNG games. These advanced algorithms produce a random outcome and are heavily regulated to ensure all games are fair. Wagering here will take the pressure off of time constraints and allow you to play rounds at your own leisure.

After some time, you will feel comfortable and ready to take on a croupier within one of the many HD streaming live blackjack games.

Know The House Edge

Players often flock to blackjack due to its low house edge, which only amounts to around 0.5%. New players can expect the house edge to be slightly higher until they understand the basic rules and implement a basic strategy.

Knowing what decisions to make and when to make them is the whole aim of the game. Many new players don’t take the time to learn how to play blackjack before wasting their whole backroll in an entire session. Know the rules, and develop your skill over time to ensure the house edge is as low as possible.

Try a Blackjack Strategy

Try a Blackjack Strategy

Implementing a basic strategy in blackjack will minimise your risk and even lower the house advantage. The idea of a blackjack strategy is to play your hand in an optimum way while taking into account the dealer’s up card.

Make your decision based on what the dealer may total to once their second card is revealed. Ensure that if you stand, the dealer won’t have a chance to total to higher than your hand, or if you hit, don’t continue to take cards with the risk of going bust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blackjack easy to play?

Blackjack, along with roulette, are two of the easiest table games to play. While roulette is purely a game of chance, blackjack combines both skills with a bit of luck to obtain a winning hand. Players join a game and pick up the various actions and value of cards within a few minutes of playing.

Whilst BlackJack is easy to play, it’s also easy to loose. If you think you are developing a gambling problem, there are numbeous support services such as the Gambling Hotline there to support you.

Are blackjack games safe to play?

Of course, all online casinos we provide here at Casino Martini are fully licensed and regulated by leading governing bodies. We review and rate all online casinos meticulously to ensure our readers can wager with peace of mind.

Can I play mobile blackjack?

Nearly all blackjack sites offer fully optimised mobile sites and even casino apps. Teaming up with software providers producing games through the latest HTML5 ensure mobile-friendly gaming.