Blackjack Surrender NZ

There’s a time and a place for the surrender move in blackjack. Understanding when and why to implement this move and opt out of a game if half the battle is already won. While surrendering in blackjack should not be used too often, it perfect for New Zealand players who have an already failing hand and can not envisage beating the dealer.

Calling this move within blackjack will forfeit half of your hand to the dealer while opting out of the game. If your wish to learn more about blackjack surrender, continue reading this all-in-one guide

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What is the Blackjack Surrender Rule

Blackjack surrender puts the power back into your hands, allowing you to surrender your hand and only forfeit half of your bet. While many avid blackjack players may consider this an excuse, it has become a useful move for anyone looking to lighten the blow of a useless hand and minimize the dent in their bankroll.

This basic strategy is ideal for all new players entering the world of blackjack. Players often take the chance in the hope the dealer goes bust. However, some hands are simply not worth playing, which is why the surrender option can be a lifesaver, especially while you have your hard-earned cash on the line.

If you are keen to implement these blackjack surrender rules and even lower the house advantage slightly, you have come to the right place. Here at Casino Martini, we have devised this comprehensive guide to ensure you win big and minimise your potential losses while you wager at the best blackjack sites in New Zealand.

What is the Blackjack Surrender Rule

Blackjack surrender is a basic strategy in which a player folds their hand in the event they do not believe that they will beat the dealer. The player folds and only loses half of their bet instead of its entirety. The idea is to opt out when in doubt.

This strategy is effective when used on a small scale, players can forfeit their hand and retain half of their potential losing bet. If utilised on most failing hands, you have the potential to miss out on chances considering you won’t know if the dealer will bust or not.

Before we dive into the ins and outs of the blackjack surrender rule, don’t forget to check that it is available within the blackjack tables you wager within. Not all blackjack variants allow this strategy as it lowers the house edge within the casino game.

Take a glance at our online casino top list and choose one of the many top-rated blackjack sites to utilise surrender rules within a blackjack variant.

Once you have selected your favourite blackjack casino, you can utilise a surrender in blackjack in two different forms, either an early surrender or a late surrender. Unsure on which one to practice? Let’s examine both options.

Early Surrender

The early surrender is far less common among blackjack tables. As the name suggests, players have the ability to call an early surrender before the dealer checks their second card. This allows players to check out of the game if the dealer has an ace or a 10 point card with the potential of getting blackjack on the next card.

Here are some hands to consider an early surrender in blackjack.

  • Dealer Ace – Surrender with a hard 5-7
  • Dealer Ace – Surrender with a hard 12-17
  • Dealer Ace – Surrender with a pair of 3s, 6s, 7s or 8s
  • Dealer soft 17 – Surrender with a pair of 2s
  • Dealer 10 – Surrender with a hard 14-16
  • Dealer 10 – Surrender with a pair of 7s or 8s

There are, of course, exceptions to this concept while you play blackjack variations. Consider the number of decks in use before you play blackjack and use this strategy.

Late Surrender

The late surrender gives players the option to surrender their hand after the dealer checks for blackjack on the second card. Surrendering here as the dealer reveals their total number ensures a player has considered their odds and made a calculated decision.

Here are some hands to consider a late surrender in blackjack if the dealer hits the following on their up card.

  • Dealer 10 or Ace – Surrender with a 14 (single card deck)
  • Dealer 10 or Ace – Surrender with a 16 (single card deck)
  • Dealer Ace – Surrender with a 9+6 or 10+5 (double deck)
  • Dealer 10 – Surrender with 9+6 or 10+5 (single/double deck)

Again the rules are different on every table. Check within the content of the rules to complete your late surrender within the game’s guidelines. If you are a total beginner, keep this page open and use the points above for assistance until you are comfortable.

Why should you Surrender in Blackjack

Why should you Surrender in Blackjack?

Whether you complete surrender before the dealer checks their second card or late surrender, this should only be implemented when you feel there is no other option to win the game. The reason we play blackjack is to try to beat the dealer and hit or get as close as we can to 21 while obtaining a higher hand than the dealer.

In some cases, luck isn’t on our side, and the best option is to cut your losses by surrendering your hand. The money you save can then be placed and put towards potentially good hands, giving you a better chance at winning back your losses plus earning a substantial profit.

Utilize the blackjack surrender strategy at any one of the top-rated blackjack sites above. Join a new online casino today and beat the dealer on our all-time favourite table game! Always gamble responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point can I not surrender?

Players can only use the surrender move as their first action has been taken on their hand. Once the cards are dealt upon an early surrender or after the dealer checks their second card on a late surrender, only then can a surrender be called.

Can I surrender in all blackjack games?

Not all blackjack games allow players to use surrender moves. There are a variety of popular games that don’t permit this strategy yet are worth checking out. These two real money blackjack games are blackjack switch and progressive blackjack.

What is a soft 17 blackjack hand?

Soft is the term used when a hand has an ace valued at 11. It prevents the hand from going bust as the Ace can also be present as a one.