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Online Real Money Bingo Sites Canada

Online bingo is more popular than ever, with more and more real money bingo sites being launched every month. We’ve dug into the small details to bring you the best options. So check out Canada’s top online bingo below.

Canada has an abundance of great bingo sites where you can win real money and have a great time. But remember that not all bingo sites are created equal and three are a variety of different bonuses available.

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  • Free Spins for Mystical Zodiac
  • 100% Match up to NZ$400
  • 97% Payout Average
100% UP TO $300
  • Classic Sevens Free Spins
  • Match Bonus up to $300
  • 200+ Games with Progressive Jackpots
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  • Swift banking
  • Extra ordinary VIP experiences

Over the years we have slowly witnessed the transition of the game we once associated with a packed hall and a lucky winner roaring the magic word to now in today’s day and age Bingo is certainly a game cemented in the online gambling industry. We can’t say that we particularly miss playing Bingo in old brick and mortar venues as the benefits of playing online are expansive.

These benefits are the root reason why we have spent time and resources reviewing and rating every online bingo site available in Canada, of course for your pleasure to select the best casino bonuses and bingo site itself but also because we love it!

Join us here at Casino Martini as we give you a complete low down on everything Bingo, we will provide you with the information going forward to select the best bingo sites to play and an overall understanding of everything bingo related from bingo game type to lucrative exclusive bonuses. It’s your lucky day, so get ready because by the end of the day you will be overjoyed shouting… BINGO!

Why Play Online Bingo In Canada?

This topic of conversation could go on all day as there are so many reasons to play online bingo in Canada, but we don’t all day so let’s just touch on the main reasons. Every online gambler will have their own reasons for playing slot games or bingo games yet these four points have been commonly requiring as we dive into why you should play at the best online bingo sites in Canada.

  • Easy To Learn
  • The Excitement
  • Suitable For All Budgets
  • Win big

These Key points have turned many of us into avid bingo enthusiasts, the easy nature of playing at online bingo sites opens new gambling doors and an experience we didn’t’ know was possible. Here are the main reasons to play at the best online bingo sites in more detail.

Easy To Learn – If you are a new bingo player then you are in for a treat, online gambling at bingo sites is easier than ever. In the past, we had to listen in closely and even sometimes frantically mark off the card with a speedy announcer in bingo halls. Today playing bingo online, you can make your first deposit with ease and follow the game as your numbers are ticked off for you.

The Excitement – While we love to play bingo online to win the big jackpots, the game itself creates anticipation and excitement. The best bingo sites will have you at the edge of your seat, whether it’s on a comfy couch or a park bench the excitement is unparallelled.

Suitable For All Budgets – The variety of jackpot prizes while you play bingo is immense, there is a bingo room for every bingo player in Canada no matter how big or small the bankroll.

Win big – This is the main reason we all love playing bingo at a gambling site, the jackpot prizes and potential bonus winnings are huge. Over the past few months, we have heard from readers who have gone on to win some significant real money prizes.

If you are new to online bingo sites these reasons will benefit you greatly and not only that, you can claim an attractive welcome bonus to kick off your bingo journey.

How to Play at Online Bingo Sites

New players listen up, if you follow the next few simple steps you will be playing at the best online bingo sites in a matter of minutes. Bingo websites have made to extremely easy to sign up, deposit, and play. Here is the method to get you claiming bingo bonuses and have a user experience like no other.

Sign Up

There are new bingo sites entering the online gambling world on a daily, the choice is vast. Here at Casino Martini, we provide you with fully licensed and regulated gambling sites from regulatory bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The bingo bonuses in our top list have all been examined thoroughly by our professional, so check out the best online bingo sites in our top list.

Once you have selected your favorite online bingo site, hit the welcome bonus to enter the gambling site. There will be two short industry-standard forms to fill out information such as name, email address, and creation of a password.


Once you are all registered and you have activated your account you can your first deposit, depending on what type of bonus you have chosen your first deposit may be one of the most important. For example, deposit match bonuses come in the form of percentages, the amount you deposit will determine the amount you receive back in bonus funds.

At your new account navigate over to the “cashier” section and select deposit. Select one of the many payment methods and enter all relevant details, if you are claiming a bingo bonus or require a minimum amount to enter certain bingo rooms be sure to check the terms and conditions to get the most out of your first deposit.


It is as easy as that to sign up and even make even the min 1st deposit to get you playing online bingo. Here in Canada, there is an endless supply of bingo rooms to enter. The many types of online Bingo games on offer will have even the pickiest of players finding the perfect bingo card for them. Don’t forget to flick through the terms and conditions while claiming bonus funds on all bingo websites, we have the wagering requirements laid out beside our casino bonuses.

How We Rate The Top Bingo Sites In Canada

It isn’t easy to rate the best online Bingo sites in Canada as there is so many to choose from, we have deposited and tested all online bingo sites to provide you with the best bingo sites this year. Although we present you with an overall rating of a gambling site, you may not need to have every box ticked.

Starting with the welcome bonus offer, we check the bonus type and all terms and conditions that come with it such as the wagering requirements and expiry date. Then the overall user experience of the bingo rooms followed by the selection of bingo games on offer. Free bingo games are the best way to get a taster for the games on offer.

We review the VIP sections and ongoing promotions so bingo players can find a trusted site within the many bingo communities. The customer service department is also vital, ensuring all bingo players have issues resolved immediately.

Lastly after depositing, playing, and winning we examine the withdrawal restrictions if any, and what the withdrawal timeframes are across a number of different payment methods. Select the main factors that relate mostly to you and you will find the best bingo site in no time.

The Different Types of Bingo Games

Almost every online bingo game has 3 basic variations. These are 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and 90-ball bingo. These games don’t differ a lot. However, they do offer special possibilities for each. Just like regular bingo, the 90-ball bingo utilizes the numbers 1 up to 90 and tends to be Line or Full House Bingo.

75-Ball Bingo

This is one of the most famous variations of bingo. The 75-ball bingo tends to be popular in the US and in Canada. Without it, no one can really call themselves a true online bingo hall. 75-Ball Bingo is played using a 5 by 5 card.

During the game, every number between 1 up to 75 is called out until a winning pattern comes out. This variation of bingo has various patterns. The most well-known patterns are coverall, diamond, diagonal, vertical, or horizontal. Also, patterns that make the shape of letters such as F or E are winning ones.

Because of the speed of the game and its popularity, the 75-Ball Bingo is played most frequently. The patterns are changing constantly, that is why it is always exciting. 75-Ball Bingo is certainly leading every online bingo room throughout the world.

80-Ball Bingo

The 80-Ball Bingo is the latest and the best online bingo game. Unlike the 75-Ball and 90-Ball, this variety of bingo games was created at an online bingo hall. This means that it wasn’t developed in a traditional bingo hall. The design of the card is what makes it different from the others.

The 80-Ball Bingo is played using a 4 by 4 card, also known as a shutter card. The columns have various colors – silver, blue, yellow, and red.

The gameplay of this game is the same as the 75-Ball. But, there is a new available pattern, because of the unique design of the card. For example, corner or diagonal bingo is now a pattern option. The increased numbers, card differences, and special patterns offer players better odds and an enjoyable experience than 75-Ball Bingo.

90-Ball Bingo

We now know that the 75-Ball Bingo game is most popular in the North American Region. What about in Europe? Well, for those who don’t know, the most popular bingo game in Europe is the 90-Ball Bingo. This game, which is also famous in Australia, provides 3 various methods to win during every game.

The 90-Ball Bingo is played almost the same as the original 75-Ball Bingo. It uses a 5 by 5 card. Every strip contains the numbers 1 up to 90. It is generally bought 6 at a time. The numbers are repeated only once. This offers the players the possibility to stamp their cards every time a number is mentioned.

Cards are basically sold for an affordable price since they are very abundant. This allows bingo lovers to play for just several dollars. Players can win on a full house, two lines, or horizontal line in a single game. During the game, every occurrence of this is a winner.

The prizes vary for every line. Also, if there’s more than 1 winner, the prize is split. The full house is the pattern that offers the biggest winning prize.

Social Bingo

Bingo games are all about the community. If you’ve played in a traditional bingo hall, you will know that there’s nothing more rewarding than heading to that place and meet your old friends and beat them. You can also meet and greet new players.

Well, in the online world, it isn’t different. The most popular online bingo software platforms in the world have created the so-called “Chat Rooms”. This will enable players to communicate and interact in the online bingo hall.

Every website has 4 or more rooms. Every room has its own culture. In addition to communication, the Chats are also another method for a player to win extra prizes. The Chat Master or Chat Moderator will have trivia games. Prizes will be given to the winner in attendance.

Chat Rooms offer pastime between games and when players are waiting for numbers to be called. The constant interaction offers the players the chance to communicate with their bingo friends from the comfort of their own house.

Real Money Bingo Sites

Free bingo games are a great introduction to bingo rooms, we recommend all hesitant players to test out games within demo modes. Once comfortable the real fun begins upon that initial deposit, just like spins on the latest slots and hitting the real money jackpot you can win some crazy cash prizes with bingo.

The excitement levels while playing online bingo are elevated while you have your money on the line and especially when you come through and hit the jackpot. There are many bingo communities in Canada where you can discuss the best online games and share tips and tricks, we have spoken to the people and given them what the want, the best casino games to play bingo within Canada.

Bingo Site Payment Methods

The banking options at online bingo sites are more abundant than ever before, no matter the player’s preference there is a payment option for everyone. The best online slot sites have excelled in providing variety within their cashier section and it has rapidly paid off, every player that desires to claim a slots bonus or some free spins has the option.

Online bingo sites have taken this into account and similarily have created a variety of payment methods to use while gambling. Every payment option will have different transaction speeds some will have withdrawal restrictions but the availability is so expansive that you should be able to deposit and withdraw cash with ease.

PayPal – PayPal is the most popular e-wallet loved by millions of online gamblers worldwide, the speedy nature of transactions and its high-quality security features have made this one of the top choices picks for us here at Casino Martini. The list of PayPal casinos is one of the best casino lists in the industry.

Skrill – Skrill casinos are also quite popular amongst bingo players, the lightning-fast depsoits allow players to join bingo rooms in seconds. This e-wallet giant permits playing online bingo to be games focused without worrying about transactions.

Bank Transfers – Bank transfers may not be the fastest payment option for players to utilize yet it is probably the safest payment option out there. If you don’t mind waiting a few extra days to receive your winnings then bank transfer casinos are safe and fun.

Mastercard – Debit and credit cards are nearly an extension of ourselves by now as we use such cards like Mastercard on a daily basis in our everyday lives. Depositing with Mastercard is no different going out and buying your local groceries, key in your card details, and purchase instantly. We have trusted our banks and the cards that they issue since we joined and people have deposited and gained bonus funds with ease at Mastercards sites.

New Bingo Sites

New bingo sites always have the latest online bingo games and the most lucrative casino bonuses, with better technology than ever there are new bingo sites emerging in Canada with graphics and game features that will have you dazzled. Apart from the obvious reason to play at new online sites, here are some extra benefits to get you playing bingo online at the best bingo sites.

  • Free bingo
  • Play multiple cards
  • Bingo bonus

The fun doesn’t stop there at bingo sites with new slot games and slots bonus offers up for grabs as well. After our in-depth analysis of new bingo sites, these main points kept resurfacing at the top of the best new site features.

Free bingo

Free bingo is available just like no deposit free spins offers at the latest slot sites, players can play bingo demo modes and get a feel for the game. These games are a great option and introduction for new and seasoned players looking to try their hand at a new casino game.

Play multiple cards

While playing at the best new online bingo sites why not have the opportunity to win on two games? Well, now you can! Join any of the latest bingo sites here at Casino Martini and start to play with multiple bingo cards, this will increase your chances of winning drastically.

Bingo bonus

The bingo bonuses are just waiting to be claimed at new online sites, they often have free spins attached for all you slots bonus lovers out there. Luckily here in Canada, casino bonuses are present long past the welcome bonus, players can collect bingo tickets in ongoing promotions weekly.

Mobile Bingo Sites

It has never been easier to gamble at the best bingo sites and even collect free spins while on the go gaming. Online casino companies have been putting huge amounts of money into the development of fully optimized mobile sites and even apps for users to enjoy their favorite games. The online bingo world has benefited greatly from this surge in mobile casino production, keep an eye out as there are also big bingo bonus offers exclusive to mobile bingo site platforms.

Online Bingo Tips to Improve Your Playing Experience

Over the years we have gathered some tips and tricks along the way as we tested every bingo site in Canada, we want you to benefit from every aspect of a bingo site and not just the bingo bonus. Here are some key points to implement as you sign up for your next bingo home.

  • Play a low deposit card or free bingo tickets
  • Check the winning patterns and rules
  • Converse with fellow competitors

These tips might seem basic but they will excel your gameplay and winnings tenfold when fulfilled properly, we often see new players diving into a bingo site with large deposits without even knowing the basic bingo types. Here are how to make the most out of your next bingo site and bingo bonus offers.

Play a low deposit card or free bingo tickets – While staring off we advise you to play for small jackpots and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Bingo is definitely an easy game to learn, but you should be sure that this is the game for you before you deposit large sums of money. There is plenty of free bingo tickets available to get you comfortable.

Check the winning patterns and rules – It is all well and good playing a bingo game but where the fun if you don’t know when you have won. The start of each game will have a set of winning patterns to have a look at before playing. Again this may seem simplistic but many people do not take the time to understand the various shapes and patterns, have a glance next time and it will even get you excited.

Converse with fellow competitors – Live chats are now available at many online bingo sites, they allow you to chat with fellow competitors during gameplay. Players often have tails of where the best casino sites are with low wagering requirements and unimaginable free spins that you would otherwise not find out about. There are hidden gems everywhere that fellow players often reveal.

It is also vital to note that as we provide safe regulated casinos from highly esteemed regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission, we promote safe gambling and advise any player that feels they do not have control to get help with sites such as This is an entertainment industry and we solely want our readers to be safe and have fun.

Casino Bonuses for Bingo

The starting point and separating factor of online bingo sites compared to brick and mortar halls are casino bonuses. These bonuses have attracted us to play online bingo for years, but now more than ever with more and more emerging new sites and bonuses, how do you know what the best bingo bonus is for you?

If you understand the various types of casino bonuses it will aid in your selection process while finding the best gambling home for you. Here are the most common types that will be promoted at online casinos.

  • Sign up bonus
  • 1st deposit
  • No deposit
  • VIP bonus

These four types are radically different in how you will approach an online bingo site, think about what you want to achieve and how you want to start playing at the gambling venue. If you are hesitant you should pick a no deposit bonus, if you want to test out a new casino then the signup bonus is for you, or maybe you love a casino and will be loyal and are acquiring information on how you will be rewarded in the future.

Each person will have different reasons for claiming a bonus, so choose one that will suit your needs, here is each type broken down further.

Sign up bonus

Signing up to an online bingo site is a must if we are looking to enjoy the many features within, while new sites are in a constant battle for our attention the signup bonus usually get it. This bonus type allows players to receive bonus funds by simply registering an account with the online gaming brand. The wagering requirements can be quite high with these bonuses so don’t forget to check the Ts and Cs before jumping in.

1st deposit bonus

This is the most common casino bonus we usually see within welcome packages, casinos offer a percentage of money back in the form of bonus funds depending on how much money you deposit into your account initially. This bonus is favored by most gamblers including us here at Casino Martini, you get the biggest bang for your buck.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus offer is a fan favorite, having the ability to claim bonus funds without the need for a deposit would make anyone’s ears prick up. New players are always advised to check out some of the no deposit bonus offers at the best online casinos in Canada to give them a taste of what’s to come.

VIP bonus

The bonus conversation usually falls under the umbrella of what will a player receive within the first week to a month of joining a new casino. The real steady gameplay with rewards come for players continuously for months and years after joining a casino. We can’t stress enough how important it is to check the VIP program at an online casino as this will determine the benefits you receive after the amazing welcome bonus dries up.

Gambling Alternatives To Bingo

If somehow you haven’t found the bingo bonus of your dreams or you just simply do not want to take your talents to this side of gambling, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of other gambling alternatives and one of our favorites is the thrill of live dealer casinos. Live casinos have brought a spark into the online gaming world with friendly croupiers and live streaming videos you will have that Vegas feel even from the comfort of your own home.

Online slot sites are the most popular form of online gambling and with thousands upon thousands of games circulating the market from the top software providers, there is truly something for everyone.

Don’t forget that we maintain sections across different countries. So check out our list of the latest Bingo sites in Germany to make your gameplay more exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play online Bingo?

Absolutely, every online bingo site that we provide here at Casino Martini has been through strict testing and is fully licensed and regulated by leading governing bodies such as the MGA and the UKGC.

Can I play Bingo on my mobile?

All of the Canadian Bingo sites we offer have fully optimized mobile sites and even apps, winning on the go has never been easier.

How do I claim an online bingo bonus?

Claiming a bonus is easy, simply click the bonus you wish to obtain in our casino top list, register, deposit, and play.

Can I play bingo online without a deposit?

This is another popular question regarding online bingo. Of course! You can play online bingo without a deposit. There are a lot of online bingos out there that can be played for free and you can still win real money.

What Ts & Cs apply to a bingo bonus?

The Ts and Cs apply differently for every bingo bonus, the main points to check are the wagering reqs, expiry date, min deposit amount, and free spins allocation.