CA Blackjack Strategy

Millions of Canadian gamblers flock to the online casino world each year to play the classic game of blackjack. One of the main reasons this comparing card game has remained so successful is due to its low house edge. But what if I told you that the house advantage could be even lower than it already is? Well, with the addition of a basic blackjack strategy, you can start your winning journey a lot sooner than you think.

Within this guide, we shall dive into the benefits of using a blackjack strategy and even uncover some more advanced techniques such as the high/low card counting system. Continue reading to learn how to master online blackjack like a true pro! Check our list of the best Blackjack casinos below.

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What is a Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Blackjack is one of the most popular online table games played by millions of punters each year. Players flock to this classic card game due to its low house edge and opportunities to take the game into your own hands by skillfully decision making. Although casinos attract new players with the low house advantage, new players are often unknowingly increasing it while making mistakes within their learning process.

In order to keep this to a minimum, 0.5% to be exact, players have developed the basic blackjack strategy to ensure every hand has the potential to win or at least minimize losses. Once experience is gained, and the basic blackjack strategy is perfected, many online blackjack players attempt to learn to count cards. This is simply a game of memory and will be challenging with the increased number of decks within many online blackjack games.

The question still stands, should you develop a strategy within the game of blackjack? The simple answer is… Yes! The benefits are extensive, which we will get into later within this blackjack strategy guide. Alright, enough talk its time to gear you up to start playing online blackjack like a pro.

What is a Blackjack Basic Strategy?

The basic strategy in blackjack was created to devise a method of playing every hand with the best chance at winning. Using calculations and considering the dealer’s upcard and both your cards in play, selecting the action which will give you the highest probability of beating the dealer.

Although this guides you in the right direction, there is no perfect method to win at blackjack. Learning a basic strategy will increase your chance over the long run but will certainly not guarantee a win each time.

The beauty of using a basic strategy is it is easy to implement for all new players fresh to this classic casino game. All that is required is a blackjack strategy chart with all the possible moves and card outcomes. It is advised to have the blackjack strategy chart within a window at the ready or split your screen until you have grasped all the various actions and when to take them.

If you are considering starting off using a strategy card, don’t deviate from the guide at any point in the deck game you are playing. The basic strategy will only function if every move is adhered to, as stated by the strategy charts.

Why Play with a Strategy?

As gamblers, we are all playing for that one goal of beating the dealer and winning some juicy profits. Since casino games never sway in our favour, it would be rude not to do everything within our power to lower the house edge and win as much as we can.

The joy of gambling is heightened once we beat the dealer or hit 21. As there is skill involved within the game of blackjack, many new players fall short on winning opportunities due to poor decisions and a lack of understanding of how to play blackjack properly.

Using a basic strategy will remove all the missed opportunities and ensure every decision will promote the best blackjack hand possible. Above all else, the convenience and ease of following a strategy card mean there is little to no effort involved while trying out strategies.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Moves

The first step in implementing a blackjack strategy is knowing the card values and various actions as they are stated using letters of each move within a chart. All cards from 2 to 10 amount to their true face value. Face cards all have a value of 10, and Aces can either be played as an 11 or a 1, depending on how you wish to play your hand.

To bring you up to speed with all of the moves used while you play blackjack, we have presented a brief description of each action below.


The “hit” move with this gambling game indicates the blackjack player desires to take an additional card. This will be stated on a strategy chart as the letter “H” and used if the hand total is low.


The letter “S” will indicate the player should stand and continue to play with the original hand dealt by the dealer.


Basic strategy dictates the blackjack player should “spilt” with a pair of Aces or 8s and stand in the event two 5s or 10s are dealt. This move allows players to split their hand and challenge the dealer with two hands, presenting double the chances to win at blackjack. On a basic strategy card, this move is visible with the letters “Sp.”


Only surrender blackjack variants allow players to surrender their hand in the event a failing hand is drawn. This action can be used as an early surrender or a late surrender, depending on the rules of the chosen game. Surrendering within a blackjack game indicates a player wishes to opt-out of the game and will only forfeit half of their initial bet amount.

This type of move is only implementing when there is no feasible way to beat the dealer allowing players to cut their losses. Players are advised only to use this move as stated by the strategy chart. It is implemented when the dealer has an up card of an Ace, and the player’s hand is mid-range with the risk of going bust and not beating the dealer.

Double Down

Doubling down functions in the opposite effect to the surrender move. Here the player doubles their original bet and obtain one more card within the game. This gives players the opportunity to maximize a winning opportunity and increase their bet and potential winnings in turn.

Advanced System – Card Counting

Once you have perfected the basic strategy within blackjack, counting cards is the next step to beat the dealer like a pro. New gamblers often fear that counting cards are illegal. While brick and mortar casinos don’t allow it, they merely frown upon it and stop players from playing as they are all privately-owned companies.

Within the online casino world, gambling sites have no way of detecting whether or not you are counting cards. However, you will notice the number of decks within blackjack variants sits at around eight, making it challenging for a player to memorize and keep count through the entirety of a game.

If you have the opportunity to wager within a single deck blackjack game, using a basic strategy along with a card counting system can produce some hefty rewards.

What is Card Counting?

The idea behind card counting is to keep track of all cards dealt within the game so future betting can be calculated and precise. The most popular form of card counting is the high/low strategy, in which a player tracks cards with a value and bets accordingly after.

All low cards (2-6) dealt hold a value of +1, while high cards (10s and face cards) all have a value of -1. The remaining middle cards (7-9) are all considered neutral cards. Each time a card is drawn, its value is added to the running count total.

Once the running count is obtained, simply divided this figure with the number of decks in the game to obtain the true count, which will indicate whether a large or small bet should be placed in the next round.

How to Count Blackjack Cards?

Although it may seem difficult, counting cards is relatively easy as long as you can keep up with the running count as the cards are dealt around the blackjack table. Practice using a single deck of cards and eventually work your way up to the larger games as you speed up calculating the running count.

Note the value of each card as the cards are dealt around the table, adding or subtracting one each time. As each player takes action on their hand, continue to count the additional cards and the dealer hole card once revealed.

Use a basic strategy throughout the game and divide the running count by the number of decks to get the true count. With this true count, you can then increase your stake as the true count increases throughout the game and alternatively decreases your bet as the true count decreases.

Blackjack Betting Systems

To further perfect the online blackjack games, players can implement a blackjack betting system. These betting strategies are used to try and maximize winnings while minimizing any losses incurred. Ensure that the betting system you use is within the limits of your bankroll and the betting limits allocated to the table.

Every betting strategy will have its own set of pros and cons associated. Complete the necessary research and weigh up the pros and cons before putting all the elements into play.

If you are interested in taking your blackjack betting to the next level, alongside a basic strategy, any of the following three betting strategies can be beneficial to your gameplay.

Positive Progression

Within positive progression strategies, as the name suggests, players should increase their betting stake after each win and return to their original betting stake in the case of a loss. Begin by setting a minimum stake which you will return to after every loss or win. Also, set a number of wins in a row, which once reached, you will return to your original betting stake and keep your profit.

As the odds are not in your favour, be careful setting an unattainable winning streak amount that you will fall short on. This is the downside of this positive betting system in blackjack, as players risk too much instead of cashing out when the going gets good.

Negative Progression

Negative progression betting strategies operate in reverse to their positive sibling. The most famous example of a negative progression system is the Martingale system which dictates players should double their stake after each loss and return to their original bet after a win. The idea of this system is that players won’t lose forever. Once the losing streak is broken, all previous losses are regained, plus a small profit in return.

Be careful of the table limit while using the Martingale system, as if you are not able t double your losing bet to gain back your losses, there is not much point in using this strategy.

Flat Betting

Finally, we have flat betting, which is ideal for all new players figuring out their various moves with the game. Flat betting simply means keeping your bet the same throughout the course of the game. The idea of doing this is that all losses will level out with winning, and you won’t incur any significant losses.

Again like all strategies and betting systems, the house edge is ever-present within blackjack games. While we can’t entirely beat the game, using the correct methods stated will give you the best chance to gain the upper hand and win more consistently throughout your gambling lifetime.

Practice on Free Games

Since we flooded you with information, it’s time to exercise a blackjack strategy and hone your new skill to beat the dealer. Free blackjack games offer the perfect pressure-free environment to practice a blackjack strategy.

Once you feel comfortable within your chosen variant, you can claim a deposit bonus and head over to the real money games within the RNG or live dealer section to put yourself in the position to win the big buck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn a basic strategy in blackjack?

Basic blackjack strategy can be easily learned by having a strategy chart at hand. Over time with consistent wagering, you will naturally remember which moves to make depending on the cards in play.

Are online blackjack games fair?

If you choose any of the blackjack sites that we promote at Casino Martini, you can be sure they are 100% fair and legitimate. Online casinos use RNG technologies with advanced algorithms to source a random outcome to the game of blackjack.

What is the best blackjack strategy for winning?

Using a basic blackjack strategy will lower the house’s edge and give you the best winning opportunities. Card counting is also a profitable option for the more experienced players but takes time and effort to master the art.

Can I play blackjack on my mobile?

Of course, blackjack sites have teamed up with software providers procuring games using the latest HTML% to ensure all games are mobile-friendly for all on-the-go punters.