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We have the best New Zealand gambling sites for you! There are many operators to choose from, as it is legal to gamble on sites that are not located in New Zealand. However, not all platforms are the same. We’ve done extensive research on the available options for Kiwis and have compiled a list of trusted, legal gambling sites.

New Zealand’s Gambling Law History

Gaming is a part of New Zealand’s way of living. People used to wager on cards and athletic contests in the 19th century. Gambling on horses is the most popular form of gambling. The Bay of Islands hosted the first horse race meeting in 1835.

At the end of 19th century, there were more restrictions. From 1910 onwards, bookmakers were prohibited from horse-racing meetings due to opposition from Protestant churches. Except for games of two-up between the armed force during the wars and pakapoo among the Chinese, gambling was restricted to horse-racing meetings and lotteries until the 1980s. The government regulated Hammond and McArthur ran the art union lotteries from 1932. In 1961, the Golden Kiwi lottery was launched. Horse betting was also taken over by the Totalisator Agency Board, or TAB, in 1950.

The 1980s witnessed dramatic changes. The game of Lotto was first introduced in July 1987. It is a lottery that draws numbers weekly. This sparked a huge public interest. The game was played regularly by 67% of the population in the early 2000s. The weekly draw was also broadcast on Saturday nights to 400,000 New Zealanders. The legalization of electronic gaming machines, also known as ‘one-armed bandits or ‘pokie machine’, was made in 1988 for chartered clubs, returned services associations, and hotels. In 1989, Parliament approved the establishment of casinos. By 2003, six were in place in Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin, with two more in Queenstown. These changes had the effect of reducing racing’s relative spending.

New Zealand, like Australia is a new country. Gambling legislation has changed quickly. The current gambling law in New Zealand is one. But before I go into detail, let me show you the entire list of laws and acts that have shaped New Zealand’s gambling past.

The New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003

The Gambling Act of 2003 contains the current gambling laws in the country. This legislation provides information about the legal gambling activities that are allowed for Kiwis. This page covers the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2002. It also provides information about the Gambling Commission, Department of Internal Affairs, and the Lotteries Commission.

The New Zealand Racing Act of 2003

The 2003 New Zealand Racing Act is a piece of legislation created to regulate the racing industry. This Act created a simplified, simplified infrastructure for effective regulatory oversight. Our guide to understanding Racing Act of 2002 will help you understand how this law changed the regulation of New Zealand’s racing industry and how it ensures bettors have a safe, secure, and high-quality betting experience. This guide also contains information about the New Zealand Racing Board.

Gambling Compliance Group

Gambling Compliance Group’s goal is to ensure that all New Zealand gambling services are compliant with the Gambling Act of 2013. They use a variety strategy methods to ensure compliance. Their focus is on creating a fair, secure, and high-quality gambling environment that minimizes harm while reinvesting in the community. Our page on the New Zealand Gambling Compliance Group provides insight into the GCG’s impact and function.

Online Gambling Sites in New Zealand & The Law

Gambling in New Zealand is a common practice as it happens with colonized countries. It dates back to the time the first colonists arrived on the island. They brought their customs, beliefs, practices, and games to keep them busy while they built a new world.

The story of gambling began after the colonists arrived. The first chapter attributed the lead role to horses. New Zealand shared the most common type of gambling with Australia, which was horse race betting. In 1835, the Bay Islands organized horse race saw the first official horse betting.

Horse racing was first considered an excellent way to spend your free time and make money. Horse racing was already exciting enough, but people began to be more interested in them because of their betting.

When the authorities discovered that gambling was a serious problem in New Zealand, they banished many bookmakers, accusing them of being in control of the horse-race betting operation.

Forty-years later, TAB was established, giving people the opportunity to place a wager on horse racing again.

With the introduction of the first lottery in 1980, gambling took a new turn. A weekly lotto was the first way to organize lottery. This attracted a lot of people. The Lottery Commission of New Zealand was inspired to create the new framework for regulating lotteries in 1987.

Lotteries began to flourish among Kiwis from that point on. This led to a greater number of lottery tickets being sold and also the extremely popular scratch cards.

Online Casino Sites

Statistics from this period show that more than 65% of New Zealanders took part in lotteries in the mid 2000s. You could call it lottery fever because the draws were broadcast on television, breaking all previous spectating records.

A form of fruit machine was another popular way to gamble. (Alternatively, ” pokies” for Australians) These toys were quickly popular among Kiwis and were shipped to New Zealand for the first time in 1987.

The pokies were initially only available at certain venues. However, once they had been discovered, they began to attract people who were interested in the modern form of gambling that doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge.

In 1991, pokies were officially introduced into New Zealand society. After that they became legal throughout the country. Their popularity has remained constant up to today, but they are being replaced by new video slots machines.

In 1994, New Zealand opened its first casino, ” Christchurch”. It offered legal gambling and great food and drink, making it feel like a home away from home.

Casinos were initially made up of live tables and slot machines. But, they are now following the lead of some of the best casinos around the world. They have also upgraded the entire system, which is largely dependent on technological advancement.

Anyone who wants to play online gambling games will be most concerned about whether it is legal. The first thing you need to know is that while you don’t have to worry about playing online gambling in New Zealand as a punter, you will need to make sure you only choose to play at offshore sites.

Online gambling in New Zealand is strictly controlled by the Gambling Act 2003. It is also known as Remote Interactive Gambling. Remote interactive gambling, as defined by the Department of Internal Affairs is any gambling that takes place at a distance via interaction using a communication device.

This means that if you use any device, such as a tablet, phone, radio or computer to deposit money to allow you to play a game, and win a prize you are illegally gambling online. You won’t be able to find a New Zealand gambling license to start a new online casino business.

Gambling Tax in New Zealand

Every day, thousands of New Zealanders gamble online. New Zealand does not regulate or license online casinos. This does not mean that players are not able to choose from other options. These players can still play at super casinos that operate in other countries. You can play here for real money, and enjoy the same experience as at your favorite land-based casino.

Online gambling is still popular in New Zealand, despite the absence of New Zealand-based casinos. NZ players are not prohibited from joining offshore casinos sites. Sites licensed in the UK offer secure access to many of the most popular online games.

Taxes are a concern for online players. Before you play real money casino games, it is essential to fully understand the New Zealand tax laws. We provide all the information that you need to have a rewarding and safe experience, while adhering to New Zealand gambling laws.

Current Tax Laws

No matter where the players decide to gamble, they must be aware of the current tax laws. These laws will apply to both online and offline winnings. Some players are unsure if they have to pay taxes.

Ir winnings. That’s all we do.New Zealand has some good news for gamblers. Gambling winnings are exempt from any taxes. Gambling winnings are not subject to tax in the country. This applies to all gambling activities including online gambling, sports betting and online poker.

Gambling activities can all be grouped together under the Gambling Act of 2003. There are no taxes if players place their wagers on a site located outside of New Zealand. The Income Tax Act 2007 states that any money earned through online gambling is not taxable.

Tax Exemptions

Online casino bonuses and winnings are generally not subject to tax, but there is an exception to this rule. Online poker can result in potential taxes. Online poker players could be subject to taxes if the majority of the winnings is an income source.

a player must report their income and pay taxes on the winnings. This is up to each player. Inland Revenue cannot track winnings and access information about gambling profits.New Zealand residents are not required by law to report any winnings from online casinos or gambling sites. The New Zealand government does not know about any winnings by players. Most players won’t be able to claim any tax payouts as gambling is considered a hobby and pastime in New Zealand.

You won’t have to pay taxes on winnings online unless you are a professional player. This applies to both standard wins and jackpot wins. You are not required to report gambling winnings, as long as they are not used as a primary source of income. New Zealand will continue to view online gambling as a hobby, and not tax any winnings made at any offshore gambling site.

NZ Gambling Act 2003 bans remote interactive gambling. Therefore, there are no online bingo sites operating from New Zealand. This does not mean that Kiwis are out of options. It is legal for New Zealanders to play in licensed and regulated offshore gaming, according to the Department of Internal Affairs. Online bingo can now be enjoyed legally by players from New Zealand at legal offshore online gambling sites. This is true for legal New Zealand online poker sites, casino and sportsbooks. 

If these sites are licensed offshore and regulated, placing bets at them is not a violation of New Zealand online gambling laws.

New Zealand residents can play at any online casino located in any country. They also have the choice of the best online casinos from around the world.

Before the Gambling Act of 2003 was passed by the New Zealand government, most existing gaming laws only dealt with traditional gambling activities like horse racing and lotteries. They did not address online gaming. A New Zealand-based company that offered its services to New Zealand players would have violated the law, unless they were a member of the TAB/NZ race board. Internet gaming sites that are not based in New Zealand and draw players from within New Zealand were not directly addressed.

Three statutes governed New Zealand’s gaming industry at that time: The Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 (“GLA”) and the Casino Control Act 1990 (“Casino Control Act 1990”) respectively. They all had one thing in common: any gaming that didn’t provide a community benefit was prohibited. You may have broken the law if you took part in online, interactive, or telephone gaming. You could be punished with a $500 fine or even imprisonment. You could be charged for operating a business that offers advice about where and how to place wagers. You could face fines if you access these services through an offshore online casino while in New Zealand.

New Zealand allows certain types of online gambling. Online gambling is legal in New Zealand for certain types of betting, including racing and lotteries. These can be operated by the Totalisator Agency Board (a division of New Zealand Racing Board).

The New Zealand Gambling Act is similar to the one that applies to Australia’s Gambling Act. However, it only covers activities occurring within New Zealand’s borders. This applies to hosting gambling websites online and promoting them via other media. This rule does not apply to gambling sites that are located outside of New Zealand but accept New Zealand players.

New Zealanders have access to the best online poker, gambling and betting sites. These include our top-rated sportsbooks, Betway, William Hill and Bet365. Each company offers a variety of casino, online poker, and sports betting options.

Yes online lottery games are legal once the gambling site is regulated by own of the internationally recognised bodies. So if playing the lottery is your thing, go ahead and make the most of the great list of top lottery sites we’ve put together for you.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Online Gambling in New Zealand

The Gambling Act 2003 of New Zealand allows New Zealanders to play online casino games provided they do so on a foreign-registered site. The act specifically states that it is legal for New Zealanders to gamble online if the website is located overseas.

New Zealand companies are not permitted to open or operate an online casino in the country. The regulator does not prohibit players from offshore online gambling at the best bitcoin casinos. NZ residents can play crypto casino games at websites registered in other countries.

New Zealand Gambling Law FAQs

What Types of Gambling Are Legal In New Zealand?

The government of New Zealand has licensed gambling options. Kiwis have legal access to a variety of legal betting options including pokies and racing, lottery, housie (bingo), online gambling, sports betting, pokies, poker, and casino gambling. The Gambling Act of 2003, and the Racing Act of 2003 are the New Zealand gambling laws. 

The Department of Internal Affairs clarified that New Zealand residents can legally participate in licensed and regulated online gaming from companies located outside of their borders. This means that online gambling is legal for those who are offered by legitimately licensed locations. This guide will provide you with access to legal New Zealand online gambling, including poker, sports betting, and bingo.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age in New Zealand?

The legal minimum age for gambling in New Zealand is different depending on the type of betting you engage in. Lottery games do not have a minimum age. For scratch off cards, players must be at least 16 years of age. Bettors must be at minimum 18 years old for horse racing, bingo, sports betting, and players who gamble in casino or poker. 

New Zealand authorities take the legal gambling age requirements seriously. Underage gamblers are subject to severe penalties. You can still gamble legally in New Zealand, whether you're looking for online poker , casino gambling or sportsbook gambling.

How Can I Tell Which Offshore Gambling Sites Are Legal?

It is much more difficult than you think. A skilled web designer can make a fake gambling site or even create a fraudulent license that looks convincing. When deciding which online gambling sites to visit, we recommend consulting professionals. Our analysts have the knowledge and training to identify suspicious online gambling sites that offer betting services for New Zealand players. 

They can also identify legitimate destinations that comply with licensing requirements and industry standards. Our professionals are well-trained in how to check legitimacy of sites, assess their security profile and evaluate the quality of their banking suite, interface, and services. We urge you to choose carefully which sites your business will be given to. 

All of our recommendations have been verified as operating within the legal industry and offer a safe, high-quality environment for playing online gambling. We recommend legal New Zealand online gambling sites, as well as casinos, poker rooms, and even legal New Zealand online gaming sites.

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