Increase your online casino winnings in 2018 with the fibonacci method fibonacci sequenceThe Fibonacci method is not ment as a method to get back recent losses, but to simply increase your chances of winning by adjusting the amount you wager after every time you lose a bet. It’s only natural for you to want to know exactly how this works, but it’s even harder to explain just how it works – if you don’t have a pretty high degree in mathematics. I mean, you wan’t to know if a car can drive fast, but you don’t know what components that makes the engine. 

If you are a gambler that solely focuses on slots, this article is unfortunately not for you, since the Fibonacci method is only applicable on all games that consist of even odds – such as Roulette, Black Jack and Craps. 

A mentioned, the method works so that you increase your bettings after every lost bet. This is called a gaming strategy that’s working in a negative progression. The method is based on the Fibonacci sequence.  

The Fibonacci Methods History

The Fibonacci sequence was named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano, also known as Leonardo from Pisa and Fibonacci, hence the name. The sequence was first published in the book “Liber Abaci” as early as 1202. It’s also said to be found in Indian mathematics dated back to the year 200 b.c. It’s since been used in mathematics as well as found as different kinds of sequences in nature.

For example, rabbits reproduce following the Fibonacci sequence. It’s also found in shapes in sunflowers, shells, and cones. It’s most recognizable in Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”.

Now it’s also used by online casino gamblers all over the world in order to win big and win smart at different online casinos.

What is The Fibonacci Method?

Even though it might not be the easiest method to use, it certainly isn’t the hardest. The most difficult obstacle you need to overcome is the fear of raising the stakes after a loss. The idea behind this system is, that if you keep raising the stakes even though you lose, you will eventually win back your two last played bets. So it’s not used to win back all your winnings, but to essentially make you take one step back and two step forward.

The sequence of numbers is the only thing you need to remember when playing, always keep track on which number you currently using to always be sure to follow the exact sequence.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is cumulative. This means that every number is the total sum of the two previous numbers, as you probably will notice. Every number in the sequence will represent a wagering unit.

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 [..]

Those numbers don’t stop there, as you might have figured out, it can theoretically go on forever. Let’s make an example, using a first wagered number of £20.

£20, £20, £40, £60, £100, £160, £260, £420, £680, £1100, £1780, £2880 etc.

It can of course used with both smaller and higher bets, as long as the sequence is followed.

How does one use The Method While Online Gambling?

The first you have to do is to pick a casino in which you like to play at. You can find one in the right-side column as well as both find the best casino bonus for new player and at our own Casino Listings. Be sure to grab a welcome bonus and try to get the most out of it, as this can be used for further use of the Fibonacci method.

NOTE: Be sure to check what counts to the wagering requirement, since even odds games that are used for this method often doesn’t count as high.

While ready to start, chose a starting unit in which you will use during your game experience. Try to start with a smaller amount such as £10 or so. Do keep your financial situation in mind, as it is not in any way a bulletproof system that wont let you lose. It will just increase the amount you would win in any case you would win when not using the method.

Whether you should move up in the sequence or down is all depending on if you win or lose. If you lose, move up in the sequence and if you win you will move down two steps in the sequence. Always keep the sequence in mind, preferably write it down as you go along! If you are just in the start of the Fibonacci sequence, just start over at your initial amount.

Follow These Easy Steps

To be able to see how this system will work before trying it yourself we will demonstrate an example. For starters, pick a low amount, such as £5. Try it out with such a small amount, so that you get a feel for it before you raise your stakes. The example is just painted for you to understand the sequence, so we will implement more losses in the example than what you normally would experience in regular gambling.

  • Do a deposit of £5 (1 unit) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £5 (1 unit) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £10 (2 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £15 (3 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £25 (5 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £40 (8 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £65 (13 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £105 (21 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £170 (34 units) – result: win
  • Do a deposit of £65 (13 units) – result: win
  • Do a deposit of £40 (8 units) – result: loss
  • Do a deposit of £65 (13 units) – result: win
  • Do a deposit of £40 (8 units) – result: win
  • Do a deposit of £25 (5 units) – etc.

As you can see, for every time you win, you will go back two steps in the sequence. Hope this makes sense.

This is, as mentioned, only an example on how you can utilize the Fibonacci Method. Of course, the numbers will look different depending on you stakes and how often you win or lose. As suggested above, write down on a piece of paper at what step of the sequence you are after every bet placed so that you don’t lose yourself in the moment.

This might come as the worst system to use ever, but as long as you can overcome this feeling, the method will pay out. A suggestion is to put away small amounts of winnings during your gambling so that you can make sure you get out on top and don’t lose anything. So when your “buffer” amount is gone, you will se the result in your deposit winnings and then compare it to your initial amount.

The Fibonacci method will work in theory every time! But the small catch in our case is that not everyone has an unlimited amount of money or a casino operator that might stop you if anything goes out of hand. This means that the Fibonacci method might as well makes you lose all your money before the method’s advantages pay of.

Even though the potential to win big is a 100%, you should only use this method when you have enough money to make use of at least 10 steps of the Fibonacci Method’s sequence. You should also be a disciplined and experienced player that can be ready to leave a table once any number of your beforehand set limits are obtained. If you feel like this isn’t you, try to limit yourself to a game system that is used to minimize risk.

What Type of Online Casino Should the Fibonacci Method be Used On?

Since this method is only applicable on all games that consist of even odds (Roulette, Black Jack and Craps), you would want to find a casino with a good quality welcome bonus or other kinds of bonuses where you can wager those games to the bonus wagering requirement. It’s always required by the casino operator to give you the terms of the welcome bonus, where the contributions for the wagering requirements are shown in percentages.

Disregarding any kind of bonus, the method can be used on any type of online casino in which you feel comfortable using and where both depositing and withdrawal have worked for you before. And also where you are not on the edge of amounting in any kind of over-loss.

Also it’s of course possible to use this method at both land-based casinos as well as at any kind of online Live Casino. (Although sitting with a pen and a paper, keeping score at any land-based casino can be regarded as highly suspicious)

More About The Fibonacci’s Rabbits

If you’re still not convinced about the bullet-proof results of the Fibonacci’s sequence, we will lay out some more facts about it, since it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff. Enjoy!

The first time Leonardo Pisano noted the sequence was when trying to solve a mathematical problem about rabbit breeding. When starting with one male and one female rabbit, how many pairs of rabbits can be born in one year? The problem assumes the following conditions:

  • Begin with one male rabbit and female rabbit that have just been born.
  • Rabbits reach sexual maturity after one month.
  • The gestation period of a rabbit is one month.
  • After reaching sexual maturity, female rabbits give birth every month.
  • A female rabbit gives birth to one male rabbit and one female rabbit.
  • Rabbits do not die.

This is best understood in this diagram:

After one month, the first pair is not yet at sexual maturity and cannot yet mate. At two months, the rabbits have mated but have yet to give birth, which results in only one pair of rabbits. After three months, the first pair will give birth to another pair, resulting in two pairs. At the fourth month mark, the original pair gives birth again, and the second pair mates but does not yet give birth, leaving the total at three pair. This continues until a year has passed, in which there will be 233 pairs of rabbits.

Though the rabbit question may show utter unrealistic conditions since there is a lot of other variables in the mating of rabbits. But it’s both researched and stated that the Fibonacci sequence do actually appear in nature, from sunflowers to hurricanes to galaxies. Sunflowers seeds is shown to be arranged in a Fibonacci spiral, keeping the seeds uniformly distributed no matter how large the seed head may be.

A Fibonacci spiral is a series of connected quarter circles drawn inside an array of squares with the sequence numbers for dimensions. The squares fit perfectly together because of the nature of the sequence, where the next number is equal to the sum of the two before it, just like in the method we use for the wagering.

Any two successive Fibonacci numbers have a ratio very close to the Golden Ratio, which is roughly 1.618034. The larger the pair of Fibonacci numbers is, the closer the approximation it gets.


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Last Updated on September 5, 2020