There’s something really special about setting foot in a casino—the buzz of muted voices and the click-clack of the slot machines.

Nice as it is, sometimes you just can’t get to one!

That’s where online casinos come in. Having grown and grown in popularity over the past decade or so, online casinos have come to the point of having to really push boundaries in order to get noticed.

Whether that’s amping up their graphics, rolling out new gameplay ideas or introducing special bonuses, one thing is for sure: nobody is going to get noticed if they’re standing still.


Whilst walking up to the roulette table and placing your bet in a real casino is definitely very exciting, some websites have used creative ways to capture that excitement themselves while creating a more interactive environment, thanks to the latest updates in graphics, colors and sounds.

Drag and drop your chips onto the cloth to be told the exact value of your bet.

Little details like this take the user experience from being that of a simple, point, click, repeat game, to a whole new level of interaction where you can feel fully-immersed in your environment.


Themes have been a popular way for online casino games to differentiate themselves for a long time, but designers are taking these themes to a whole new level nowadays!

If you have a particular interest, the chances are you’ll be able to find a slot game that caters to it.

Indiana Jones, Ancient Egypt and Goldrush games used to be the height of sophistication, and whilst some still long for that same feeling of nostalgia, for others it can seem a little bit worn. Today you can expect to find everything from Perfume to Pandas to Pinball, just in slots games.

Each theme, of course, comes with beautifully-designed sets of cards, but the best creators put real time and energy into developing a ‘storyline’, which includes collecting rare cards, unlocking new characters and instilling the same sense of adventure that some of the best simulation games do.


With online casinos, there tend to be two groups of people: those who are in it for the gameplay and those who are in it for the bonus.

There’s no right or wrong camp to be in, but it makes life a little more interesting for developers. There are sites that lack a little in graphics but make up for it with free rolls and spins; then there are sights that have unmatchable interactive gameplay but only give out their bonuses scarcely.

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One thing is for sure, though—great graphics and gameplay or not, you’re a whole lot more likely to receive some bonuses online than in person! In-person bonuses tend to be a welcome beverage or a couple of snacks, which are often pretty delicious, but online bonuses can really change your outcome in a game altogether.

If you receive a dozen free spins, you could suddenly have a good bit more game time on your hands, or even that successful spin you’ve been hoping for.


Music, sounds and effects can really make or break an online or real-life casino. Whilst you’re watching the roulette wheel spin, an excited murmur from the crowd can really build tension.

There’s nothing quite like the ‘ching ching ching’ when you hit the jackpot at the slots.

Yet, whilst you’re studying your poker hand, a badly-timed cough can really throw you off balance. The environment of a casino is difficult to totally control, and whilst, on the whole, most of the noise adds to the excitement, some of it can be off-putting, disruptive or even downright annoying.

When it comes to sound, online casinos give you the ability to totally control your experience.

They can add that change raining down sound when you hit the jackpot. You can choose to have the under-the-breath mumbling and rustling at the poker table, or, if you’d prefer, you can mute it. Background music whilst you spin the slots can be exhilarating for some, but frustrating for others.

The atmosphere of a real casino is hard to emulate, but being able to personalise your experience in this way can be a real comfort for the avid gamer.

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Last Updated on September 9, 2020