Bingo is a fun game that can easily bring friends together. For decades, this game has been enjoyed in bingo halls with real money prizes up for grabs as well as via charitable organizations and even at home. Don’t let social distancing get you down! Instead, plan on hosting an online bingo game with your buddies to enjoy socializing and playing a game together.

But how do you play online bingo with friends? There are several ways to do so. You can use online casino gaming sites or bingo sites as well as play via apps on your smartphone device. Social bingo is a big hit around the world, so your options are not limited. Learning more about how to use apps and sites to play bingo will help you to spend more time with friends, even if you can’t meet up in person!

How to Play Bingo Online with Friends

Let’s start with a website option. To play bingo with friends, you can visit and find options for traditional bingo as well as video bingo. With all your friends signed up at the site, you can easily play together. Chat features allow you to connect with friends while you are online playing the fun bingo games.

When it comes to the best bingo app to play with friends, Bingo Friend is recommended. With almost five stars in total reviews, the game is a hit among the younger and older crowd. This version of bingo features cuddly pets that you must help reunite with one another while you play. As a social game, you have the ability to log on and play with your friends, any time you like. Compete with each other to see who can reunite the most pets and earn the most bingos while you are quarantined at home.

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Aside from a bingo app to play with friends, you can also set up a bingo game via video chat. From Zoom to Facebook Groups, you can create a fun bingo game from home to play online with your friends. Find a bingo card template online and email it to your friends. This way, everyone has a card when you get online. Choose someone to be the host, preferably someone with a physical bingo game, or use a bingo number generator online to call out the numbers.

This is a fun way to play the game and to be able to see each other while you play. Plan ahead for this fun bingo night so everyone will be able to log in and take part!

Yet another option you have is to play bingo at an online casino site. Reviews of real money casinos to play bingo will help you to find the right social bingo option to get started playing. Casinos like El Royale and BetOnline offer quality bingo games that can easily be played together. Just login and chat while you play via mobile phone or online to have fun together.

Free Online Bingo

When playing online bingo with friends, you have the ability to play free games. From apps to sites, there are many ways to find free games. One of the best app options for free games is Bingo Blitz. This game is bright and colorful, offering many variations of online bingo games.

You can play one or multiple cards as well as log on with friends to play a quick game. Because the app is downloaded to iOS or Android devices, you can easily play while at home or when you are at work during a break.

Monopoly Bingo

If you want to add a twist to your social bingo games, then why not give Monopoly Bingo a try? This is another bingo app that is easy to play and switches up the traditional format of bingo to offer something new and exciting. The game combines the classic rules of monopoly with bingo boards to create a new online bingo experience.

Learning how to play monopoly bingo is easy. You enter live bingo halls as you move along the Monopoly game board. Land on your favorite Monopoly properties and visit bingo halls to play a game. Watch as your Monopoly money grows and you can build houses and hotels, just like the real board game!

These are just a few ways you can play bingo with your friends. Try a few options to figure out which works best for you and if bingo isn’t your thing, try one of our recommended no deposit uk casinos.

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Last Updated on September 9, 2020