6 reasons why people fail at online casinoWe’ve all jumped from slot to slot, tried some progressive jackpots, visited the roulette table and try to climb the ladder of a loyalty program. We’ve won and we’ve lost and by looking at some RTP’s, scratching our head as to why some people tend to get those huge winnings while we just keep playing for scraps.

This article will reveal the HIDDEN FORMULA to win crazy big at EVERY ONLINE CASINO!

No it wont, since there is no such thing. This is an informative article that debunks things you might have heard that sounds to good to be true, by giving you informative ways to go about your online casino experience. We will belaying out the 6 reasons why most people fail at online casino. We truly advice you to read the whole thing, as this probably will change your view at how you go about playing at an online casino.

1. You Don’t Take Advantage of the Welcome Bonus

Even if you never even have as much as looked at an online casino, it’s widespread that signing up to an online casino gives you some perks and bonuses, as an incentive to get you to register. This being said, a welcome bonus comes in different forms and shapes and some are better than others. But be sure that there is no “bad” welcome bonuses, but there are “bad” casinos that just gives you a really hard time earning any money and will in the end make you fail at online casino.

A Welcome bonus is available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them (if you are in a country which lets you register). A welcome bonus is more often than not always displayed at a given casino’s front page. You can also find your casino bonus lists at our page here.

The first step in changing how you go about taking advantage of a welcome bonus is NOT to sign up to every casino that offers a bonus. You will have to find a casino that offers a good welcome bonus and take advantage of the bonus to the fullest. If a casino offers a deposit bonus at your first 4 deposits, be sure to know how much percentage every deposit bonus gives you and if there is any limit to how much you can earn from it. If the first step gives you 200% up to £100 and the last one gives you 25% up to £500, the first one will give you £300 (and a bonus of £200) to play with and the latter will give you £725 to play with (and the bonus is £125).

There is no right or wrong really, but it’s important to be invested in roughly how much you will get at a bigger deposit since it’s not very smart to take advantage of a welcome bonus that has bad percentage if the wagering bonus is high. Sometimes it’s even better to not use the welcome bonus and instead play with cash funds since this gives you more freedom in the handling of your potential winnings. 

In conclusion:

  • Find a GOOD welcome bonus and invest in knowing as much about it as possible. A bonus term sheet is always available.
  • Utilize the bonus as much as it is lucrative. The first (and if there only is one) is more often than not the best one, and you do want to deposit the whole amount in which the bonus caps out on.
  • Don’t worry to much about the wagering, since this is usually just a scary number and nothing hard to overcome.
  • Don’t stare yourself blind at the number of Free Spins offered, while this is a nice compliment, the deposit bonus is usually the ones giving you the best bang for your buck.

2. Know how a Casino’s Loyalty Program is Structured

A Loyalty program is a system used by many online casinos to reward returning customers and high-stake players with various bonuses and promotions. At some casinos, you will be signed up for a casinos loyalty program automatically after reaching success to a certain stage of the program. For example, competition points from tournaments and as you bet and play casino games with real cash. This is letting a casino know that you are a valuable customer to keep.

On the other hand, players at other online casinos climb up a ladder that offers a cumulating amount of bonuses and offers. This results in many treats along the way and gives the player a way to keep track of their progress to become a VIP player.

There is also the third type of online casinos where some high-stake players can join a Loyalty club by invitation only. These players are significant in the way they deposit and play big.

Take some time to know just how a loyalty program is structured. There is a huge difference between a loyalty program that is beneficial and a loyalty program that only keeps you hanging. A loyalty program is, and should, be structured in a way so that a player has a reason to stay at a casino after the welcome bonus is used. This is a pretty hard task since other casinos welcome bonuses often exceeds what the casino’s loyalty program offers. With that being said, some casinos loyalty program is actually really good, so make sure to invest some time in getting to know these, as they can amount in tremendous benefits.

3. You Don’t Sign Up to Enough Casinos

Yeah, this one is a bit in contradiction to the first step. But in order to succeed at an online casino, you need to get a feel of how the different casinos operate. In order to find the best path to your success, you need to know where the highest quality is offered. A way to go about this is looking through the different developers of the casinos since many owners of online casinos often own more than one.

The difference in this statement compared to what is mentioned before is that you don’t want to sign up to casinos in a way that hurts your quality. A mindless way will just make you have a lot of bonus money stuck behind walls of wagering requirements at different casinos. A rule of thumb is to never be locked behind a wagering bonus when taking part in another casino welcome bonus (unless the offer is temporary and really good). 

With this being said, you should never play with real cash for another reason as to meet a wagering requirement or to reach a stage in a Loyalty Program. When you can, cash out and move on to another casino that offers a welcome bonus and continue with this progress.

In conclusion:

  • When searching for a new casino, find out if an owner of a casino has another casino, since this will leave you more familiar with how it is structured.
  • Never let quantity hurt your quality.
  • Don’t get stuck behind to many wagering requirements at too many casinos.
  • Never play with real cash for another reason than to meet a wagering requirement.
  • Cash out when you can and take part in another casino welcome bonus.

4. You’re Afraid to Deposit Money

While it can be fun and let you make a small amount, just deposit in order to make use of wager-free Free Spins is a common mistake being made. Winnings is often generated by the money in which is earned through the deposit. And a deposit which is to small will not leave you with as many benefits.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s crucial to not be afraid to make use of the WHOLE bonus (at least always the full first deposit). If you’re afraid to deposit money in order to have a to high wagering requirement, it will always scale the same either way! The more money you deposit, the higher your winnings will be and the higher you will wager.

5. You’re Playing to Little

It’s really important to keep an eye out for bonus terms that limit the time in which you have to meet a wagering requirement in order for the bonus money to not be wasted. This can range from 14-30 days and can very easily be overlooked. Be sure to know that you will be able to reach the wagering requirement and that you have enough money in order to do this. It can be a fatal mistake for both your economy and will hurt your will of gambling as this often creates a downward spiral that ends up in you trying to make up for lost money. This should never be the case.

Another reason this made the list is pretty self-explanatory, doing anything haphazardly will often reflect on the result. With this in mind be realistic in your view of how little is too little and allow yourself to keep a structure on your gambling with the help of the self-helper tool that is implemented in most online casinos nowadays.

6. You’re Playing to Much

It’s pretty fun to analyze the middle ground in those two statements. When you hear the term “gambling addict” the mind often pictures someone who plays too much. This is pretty much a misuse of the term since an addiction is not describing something that you do too much, addiction is a term used when you are doing something in which you don’t have control over.

Of course, gambling too much can be an addiction, but only when it is done without control. There are people who play A LOT but don’t let it take control of their life. As opposed to this, there are people that play a few times, but every time it gets more and more out of hand and results in an addiction-like behavior.

This is when it gets bad and can seriously hurt both you and the people you love. If you don’t keep score on your winnings and losses, it’s easy to lose sight of just how much is spent. It is crucial to know exactly how much you deposit, how much you win and how much you withdraw. To fail at an online casino is nothing like having gambling ruin your financial life and put you in eternal depth.

Keep a separate account for your winnings and an account in which you have the amount you allow yourself to gamble with. Every month, keep a log that shows how the scale tips between the different accounts and keep score of the amount of money that is locked behind a wagering requirement at a casino.

Gambling to pay off depths is NEVER ever the way to go. If it comes to this, there is no longer anything fun or amusing about playing at online casinos. Always get your financial situation in order before even thinking of gambling and only do so with money that is designated to be used for fun.

Considering your current residency, there is always help to get in control of a gambling addiction, and the earlier you acknowledge that this is the case, the better. Here are some helpful links if you feel that you or someone you care about might need some help in sorting out a potential gambling addiction.

National Council of Problem Gambling(NCPG) | BeGambleAware | GamCare | Gambles Anonymous


So to conclude this article, we hope that you have gathered some hard truth fact as to why you should make wiser decisions in your online casino odyssé. This guide may be disappointed you in the way that we didn’t reveal the “secret formula” in how to make a ton of cash to let you retire at a beach somewhere.

But this is stable facts that outlay the concept that a consistent and well-documented gambling is the best way to go! Our reviews at CasinoMartini.com is written with facts that do not praise every casino to be the best one. Instead, we are using the approach to let you know exactly what you can expect when signing up for an online casino, as the reality might not be what is shown.

Hope this article will help you from and leaves you with a better understanding regarding certain aspects!

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Last Updated on September 5, 2020